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Tata Capital > Blog > COVID-19 > Lockdown News > How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Lockdown?

Lockdown News

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Lockdown?

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Lockdown?

“Mom and dad, can we go out, please?”

The novel coronavirus has locked us down in our homes. We initially thought that this would mean some respite from our busy everyday schedules. But, turns out that the coronavirus lockdown has made us accountable to our real bosses - our kids. Schools are shut down, vacations cancelled, parks are closed, and all activities that could keep our children occupied are restricted to our dwellings.

Amidst the “new normal,” are you wondering how to keep kids entertained at home? Fret not! Here’s a list of fun things to do with kids in lockdown.

Engage your children in healthy games

Do you remember games like Hide and Seek, Den, Hopscotch, Dumb Charades, Cards, Carom Board, and zillions of other games you used to play in your childhood? Well, your children need to uncover your precious memories during this coronavirus lockdown. How else would they pass on your beautiful legacy? Teach them about these games; maybe play along with them. Instead of addictive digital games, make quarantine fun for kids by involving them in interactive games.

Awaken your child’s inner “Da Vinci”

Leonardo Da Vinci was an artist, but he was also a sculptor, draftsman, architect, and master engineer. The beauty of art is that its expression is not limited to a single genre. Well, children are the architects of tomorrow! So, during this coronavirus lockdown, allow your child(ren) to explore their inner artist.

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has suspended all stresses surrounding school homework, monotonous classes, and nerve-racking examinations; now’s the time to give wings to your child’s imagination! Make quarantine fun for kids by persuading them to paint, dance, play music, act, even cook and take part in gardening.

Read them into Slumberland

Modern-day gadgets pose a real threat to quality interaction and connection, not just with teenagers but also with kids. If your child remains absorbed in gadgets and gizmos, the coronavirus India lockdown is the ideal time to help them overcome this toxic habit. Out of all engaging lockdown activities for kids, none beats bedtime stories! Allow your child’s mind to wander into the Wonderland with Alice and her friends, or let them go on an adventure with Mowgli and his jungle buddies. The bottom line is to ensure that you spend quality time with your child every day.

Encourage them to participate in domestic chores

You’re looking for fun things to do with kids during lockdown, but sadly, your daily chores do not give you even a moment’s respite. What now? Well, the silver lining here is that you can invite your kids to participate in responsible household work amidst this coronavirus-induced lockdown! But don’t forget to make things kid-friendly. Assign a task, say, cleaning rooms, vacuum cleaning the floor, doing the dishes, etc. and incentivise them with a reward for timely completion. Remember that kids love activities that challenge them!

Something to Consider

No matter which activity you choose, no other coronavirus lockdown solutions work better than a sincere parent trying to establish a genuine connection with their little one(s). And now that the COVID-19 India pandemic has gifted you ample time make the most of it by showering your child(ren) with extra love, care, and attention.

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