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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > This Wedding Season Get Ready for The New Normal Post Lockdown

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This Wedding Season Get Ready for The New Normal Post Lockdown

This Wedding Season Get Ready for The New Normal Post Lockdown

Don’t we know it! Indian weddings are a truly unique event. They are a happily chaotic affair, with kids running hither and thither, cameras flashing, music and dancing, and a milieu of endless conversations.

ButIndian marriage ceremonies, which usually are an assortment of outrageously grand exhibits and over-the-top expenses, might be facing a change in their traditional workings. The reason being the widely-despised visit from the coronavirus and the lockdown following its arrival.

The lockdown has hit the wedding industry pretty hard. Venues are closing down, vendors are shutting shops, and couples are still reeling from the shock and are busy rescheduling. Some even had to cancel their weddings.

The ‘New Normal’ for hosting Indian weddings in the post-COVID-19 season is going to be a tad different. With social distancing becoming the new norm, marriages are set to become smaller and more intimate. Also, there will be greater emphasis on contactless services as well as rigorous hygiene standards. To ensure safety and to curb risks, to-be-weds who’re planning to tie the knot later this year will have to consider modifying their lockdown marriage plans.

Know that all about Indian weddings is set to change in the post-lockdown era. Here is a list of new wedding trends that we’re bound to see in the upcoming wedding season.

Impeccable hygiene norms - From entry to exit

Given the current times, the much-coveted wedding platters would feature not only the most delectable of starters and refreshing drinks but also hand sanitisers and face masks. From the entry and right up to exit, venues for weddings in lockdown need to provide hand sanitisation stations and napkins at every significant point.

Apart from keeping the guests safe, wedding photographers, make-up artists, and catering staff must also have a code of conduct conveyed to them beforehand to maintain their’s and everybody’s safety. Since Indian marriage functionswitness an assembly of food lovers, special care must be exercised in the washing and cooking of ingredients and vegetables.

Safety precautions, though important, are quite expensive to exercise without fail. If you’re unable to afford the additional expenses, you can opt forwedding finance to supplement your funding. Make sure to check your wedding loan eligibility before applying for one.

But it isn’t only the hygiene norms that have changed for good. There has been a rise in small scalelockdown marriages, so much so that people have agreed upon ‘small being the new big’. Let’s have a closer look at these new-age weddings.

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Intimate weddings

This format of weddings in lockdown has increasingly gained popularity over the course of the pandemic, courtesy of the restrictions on the number of guests allowed. Due to the cap on the number of guests allowed, couples that didn’t want to wait for the lockdown to run its course chose to have intimate weddings instead of the usual big fat ones.

While smaller in size, intimate weddings need not be short on indulgence, extravagance, or character. In fact, a shorter guest list often translates to more resources that to-be-weds can utilise to make their big day even more special. But you might be wondering how to go on about planning an intimate lockdown wedding. Well, you can start by building a guest list. Make sure to include all the nearest and dearest ones.

Also, ensure that the food menu is small enough to be affordable but large enough to appease the varied tastes of your guest list. And this should go without saying, but maintain a high enough safety standard to protect yourself and your loved ones from the notorious virus.

If you’re not sure about booking a separate venue for the lockdown marriage ceremony, you can also opt for a destination wedding or a home wedding. Let’s tackle them one by one.

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Home weddings

If you couldn’t manage to get your hands on the venue this lockdown wedding season, don’t feel discouraged. Your home is the perfect venue to celebrate your big day. Many Indians have arranged for home weddings in place of a full-blown, grand Indian marriage ceremony. And theyare proving to be just as good, if not more.

Home marriage ceremonies may be smaller in size but can be rich in complexity. Therefore, prior planning is required to get all the things right during the wedding. It’s best to start by assessing your financial position. Though small, home weddings can blow a sizable hole in your savings. So, it’s best to opt for amarriage loan to fund your special day. 

After sorting out monetary hurdles, if any, you must pick the right food vendor. A good caterer will not only require less supervision but would also deliver your exact needs. Additionally, you must make sure to have a small menu with varied cuisines to appease your guest list.

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Destination weddings

Another derivative of the ‘small wedding’ trend, destination weddings saw a massive bump in popularity during the lockdown. And that’s because destination weddings usually have a small guest list to begin with. So it was natural for impatient to-be-weds to choose destination weddings in lockdown as their way of tying the knot. However, there still are restrictions on international travel, due to which you can’t plan an international destination wedding.

But don’t worry, India is replete with wedding locations due to its vibrant culture. We have it all: beaches, mountains, palaces, and farmhouses. Many places in India also provide special offers and exclusive discounts, especially for destination weddings! Financials are also an essential factor to consider when you’re travelling to a different place altogether. Many lenders in the market provide attractive marriage loans interest rates, which can make it that much easier for you to fund your big day.

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Online weddings

Given the imaginative ways of us Indians, we realised that weddings could be hosted online. And consequently, online weddings have become a massive part of the “New Normal.” These lockdown weddings are unique, new, and high on energy.

Also, planning online lockdown marriage ceremony is not as stressful as planning a full-fledged wedding. The planning only requires choosing the right platform, sending invitations or e-invitations, and delivering food or recipes to all the guests, so that you can have a great time together, even if you’re miles apart.

Moreover, Indian weddings aren’t a one-day affair. There are a lot of ceremonies leading up to the big day, like Sangeet, Haldi, and Mehendi. Even though it was impossible to have these occasions amidst lockdown, we tenacious Indians found a way to make them happen. Any guesses? Yes, Online ceremonies! If an entire wedding can take place online, then hosting these virtual ceremonies is a piece of cake.

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Just plug in a playlist of your choice, choose a theme, jot down a script, and you’re good to host an online wedding!

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Interlude - Review your financials

Even though intimateweddings and home weddings are cheaper than a full-fledged Indian marriage event, the expenses can sneakily snowball into a large amount amidst all the celebrations. If the wedding expenses are straining your financial stability up to the breaking point, it’s advisable to opt for a marriage loan.

A loan would not only provide you with instant funding but also make sure that you don’t spend a chunk of your hard-earned savings. When looking for marriage finance, make sure to choose a lender that provides the best marriage loan interest rates. Also, opt for a loan which offers tenure flexibility, and disburses the funds in a short time.

Lastly, make sure to evaluate your marriage loan eligibility before applying for one.

Wedding décor

You’ll find decorations to be a part of every “all about Indian weddingslist. And they still are pretty important, even though lockdown marriages got smaller in size. Many of the to-be-weds are in a constant dilemma about choosing a theme for their wedding décor. The best place to start is through a simple google search. There are plenty of online resources available to help you narrow down on a theme that you like.

Also, photographs are an integral part of any wedding, and lockdown marriage ceremonies are no different. So, it’s vital to have a lovely backdrop for a beautiful wedding album. If you want to crank up your décor, try to include innovative lighting in your theme. Understated that lighting can dramatically elevate the ambience of your wedding.

You could also include buntings, DIY origami, florals, and other complementary decorative items to make your lockdown marriage ceremony stand out from the rest.

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Over to You

Are you looking to celebrate an intimate wedding bash this season? If yes, then it would be prudent to take care of the financials beforehand. We at Tata Capital provide attractive marriage loans to make your big day the best day of your life.

Why choose us? Our loan products offer customized repayment tenures, online applicability, and speedy processing at attractive marriage loan interest rates.

To check your personal loan for marriage eligibility, log on to our website today!

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