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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > How To Plan a Destination Wedding in Thailand?

Loan for Wedding

How To Plan a Destination Wedding in Thailand?

How To Plan a Destination Wedding in Thailand?

If you want an intimate beach wedding, there is no better destination for you than Thailand. With its unparalleled scenic beauty, serene beaches, and warm weather all year round, you can say your vows against a heavenly backdrop. 

Not to mention, Thailand hosts an abundance of destination weddings every year, so arranging wedding venues, decorations, and photographers is pretty easy.

Sounds like your dream wedding? If so, here's how to plan a destination wedding in Thailand. 

Travel options

Thailand is well connected to major Indian airports. So, your guests can book a direct flight to Bangkok from their nearest international airport. 

Additionally, all destinations within Thailand are interconnected by a network of bus, rail, boats and flights. Once you land in the country, it will be easy to travel to your wedding destination.

Wedding venues

Thailand offers a variety of venues for wedding parties of all sizes, requirements, and budgets. Most hotels and resorts provide indoor and outdoor venues, even scenic beaches, where you can hold your wedding rituals and ceremonies.

But before you finalise a venue, you must consider the following:

  • The cost of booking a wedding venue in Thailand starts at Rs. 1,00,000, so pick one according to your budget. If you want to pay for your wedding fully or partially with a loan, use a personal loan EMI calculator and estimate your EMI in advance. 
  • To save on decoration costs, choose a venue that offers natural scenic beauty. You should also book your venue in advance to get a better deal. 

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Unlike other destinations, Thailand offers a wide range of entertainment options, so your guests will never have a chance to complain! 

You can book Tiffany shows, Polynesian belly dancers, fire acrobats, DJs, and live bands. Indian dancers are also available for hire for destination weddings in Thailand.

Moreover, if you'd like to incorporate Thai culture in your wedding, you can hire local artists dressed in traditional Thai outfits as well. 


In a picturesque location such as Thailand, having memorable photographs is a must! You can approach expert wedding photographers and learn about their wedding packages.

A wedding photography package for 3 days could cost between Rs 1,00,000 and Rs 2,50,000. This includes videos, still photos, photoshoots of the bride and groom, and physical albums. Personal loans for weddings cover these additional costs as well.  


The key ingredient of any wedding celebration is food. You can have an Indian buffet or serve Thai cuisine if you like.

You can save on catering by choosing local dishes such as fresh seafood and traditional Thai drinks. It is also cost-effective to have only a small number of items on the menu.

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Final thoughts

By choosing Thailand as your wedding destination, you can make your wedding day truly memorable. Plan ahead, estimate your budget and book your venue in advance for a seamless experience. 

If you need a wedding loan, Tata Capital is here for you. We provide easy loans at affordable interest rates. Visit our website and check your personal loan eligibility today! 

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