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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Essentials for the Groom on his Wedding Day

Loan for Wedding

Essentials for the Groom on his Wedding Day

Essentials for the Groom on his Wedding Day

Your wedding day is when you and your partner become a family. This is a very important day that you remember for the rest of your life. Thus, you want everything to go according to plan.  

You probably would have spent a long amount of time in planning for the wedding and taking care of things like booking a caterer, availing of a marriage loan, reserving the venue and many other things. As a groom, you definitely want to look and feel your best on this big day. That being said, it's very important to be prepared.

Given below is a list of essentials for your wedding day:

1. Cash

One of the most important things you should carry is some cash. There are many last minute wedding expenses that may arise. So it will be very helpful to have some cash with your best man or with a family member.

2. Extra accessories

Depending on your attire, keep some extra accessories on hand. This may include another tie, pair of cufflinks, turban or any other thing that may get lost or torn. Even if something goes wrong, you will have a backup.

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3. Visit the salon

It is very important to take care of how you look on your wedding. So book an appointment at a professional salon to pamper yourself. Upgrade your haircut, get a professional shave, and maybe even a manicure.

4. Gift for your spouse

On the day of the wedding, remind your spouse of your love by sending a gift. It could be something personal like a perfume, or some sparkling jewelry. You may avail of a marriage loan to meet this expense. You may also write a note to give with the gift.

5. Tissues and handkerchiefs

Weddings are emotional events. You may cry or your family and friends may shed some tears. It is better to always have some tissues and handkerchiefs on hand.

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6. Shoes

In case you have different ceremonies on the same day, don’t forget to get shoes that match the respective outfits. It is also important that you shouldn’t forget to carry some band aids in case you are wearing the shoes for the first time as there may be some shoe bites or blisters.

7. Hair Products

During the wedding, you often have to wear a turban which may ruin your hair and make it sweaty. Carry some hair products like hair gel, dry shampoo, and a comb to always keep your hair looking its best.

8. Contact information

A wedding comes together after a lot of planning. There are many arrangements to be made and all of this is very expensive so you may consider availing of a personal loan. It is important to keep on hand the contact information of the wedding planner, caterer, and decorator in case anything goes wrong. Your wedding is a special day and you should enjoy it to the most. After the wedding comes the honeymoon. To have a wonderful honeymoon without worrying too much about the finances, you may avail of a personal loan. A marriage signifies a new chapter of your life so start this journey in the best way possible!

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