Stunning location, lavish décor, lip-smacking food, and colourful parties – nothing can be as grand as Indian weddings. But is planning a wedding as much fun? Probably not. From budget issues, hiring suppliers to handling different arrangements at once can be extremely stressful.

Then no wonder, even the best planning can lead to last-minute slipups. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dodge these mistakes.

Ready to plan your wedding? Here are the top 5 mistakes in wedding planning to avoid.

1. Not handling your guest list properly

While yes, your parents asked you to invite that distant aunt you met once years ago, it is important to plan your guest list well. Prioritise who you want to invite to which event. Come up with a realistic number of guests depending on your budget. Besides, prepare the guest list before finalising the venue to avoid improper utilisation of the venue.

Moreover, if you need to book a huge venue for your bigger guest list, opt for a quick personal loan and finance your wedding with ease.

2. Not delegating the work

It is your wedding day and there should be no place for added stress. Yes, you want to ensure all the arrangements are perfect but don’t shy away from allotting important wedding tasks to others. If possible, hire wedding planners. From managing the vendors and caterers to décor, they will deal with everything for you with ease.

And contrary to popular thinking, hiring a wedding planner is actually affordable. But if you are worried about the expenses, you can easily apply for a wedding loan and arrange adequate funds.

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3. Hiring busy vendors

If you hire a vendor that has too many weddings to handle, they might not be able to provide you with the best services. Especially during the peak season, it might be difficult for them to cater to your demands or special requests. Therefore, whether it is your photographer, caterer, make-up artist, etc., make sure to confirm that they don’t have too many bookings to avoid any issues later.

4. Not visiting the venue beforehand

Booking a venue just based on its stunning pictures or excellent reviews is one of the biggest wedding planning mistakesyou need to avoid. Before finalising a location, visit yourself and check for basic amenities, security features, proper parking, and more. This will allow you to make proper arrangements on time and avoid any last-minute surprises.

5. Planning too much in a few days

Most Indian weddings are a lavish affair where the ceremonies might last up to a week. But if you are planning to organise several functions within a few days, you might want to step back and think. Planning back-to-back ceremonies might leave your guests exhausted. Or not give them enough time to fully enjoy themselves. So, skip any extra celebration and allow yourself and your guests some time to unwind.

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Over to you

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