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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Amazing Altar Ideas for Having a Cheerful Destination Wedding

Loan for Wedding

Amazing Altar Ideas for Having a Cheerful Destination Wedding

Amazing Altar Ideas for Having a Cheerful Destination Wedding

Got your personal loan for wedding approved, and planning your destination wedding now? Why not put some money into a gorgeous altar that’ll wow the guests at your wedding? Check out these splendid altar ideas for turning your upcoming destination wedding into a fairytale!

Flower arches

Beautiful flower arches have always been one of the best altar wedding ideas. When it comes to destination weddings, especially outdoor ones, these arches are incredibly handy. They can help block out the sun while the bride and groom are exchanging their vows. What’s more, a grand floral arch can complement just about any background – be it a beach, a plush garden, or anything else!

Tropical white curtains

If your destination wedding is on a beach, go for a tropical set-up of a white-curtained tent. The accompanying white floral arrangement and the surrounding greenery will surely make your wedding a spectacular event. You can also swap out the florals to match your preferred colour palette and floral design.

Watercolour altars

One of the latest marriage altar trendsis using abstract watercolour paintings as the altar backdrop, and we’re all for it! You can set up a large watercolour painting or a few smaller ones together, creating an abstract yet modern background.

And the best part? You can use it later as a backdrop for your wedding pictures or even hang it as home decor!

Flower walls

If you're having a contemporary style destination wedding, why let the altar run behind? Go for a flower wall instead of the traditional arrangement, where your florist can arrange beautiful flowers into a spectacular wall – the perfect backdrop to get married in!

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Lavender displays

Given how pretty and sweet-smelling lavenders are, they will make an excellent addition to your list of destination wedding altar ideas. Get a lavender-covered wooden structure or arch, creating a stunning display of natural woods, corresponding florals, and mesmerising lavenders. This will be a beautiful way of embracing your location’s natural surroundings, just with a mere pop of colour!

A ribbon statement

Florals and greenery aren’t the only accompaniments of a gorgeous arch. Make a striking statement by choosing vibrantly coloured ribbons to decorate your arch and create a stunning altar. This is an even better option for destination weddings as the ribbons slowly swaying amidst the breeze will make for a picture-perfect background.

Paper flowers

Looking for something modern, dynamic, and fresh? Hop onto the paper flowers wave that has been the go-to wedding decor items for ages! With various colours, sizes, and shapes to choose from, decorate an arch with multiple paper flowers for an out-of-the-box altar your guests will love to see. 

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