Your wedding is the most important day of your life. You may already be planning different ways to make your special day even more special; but have you thought about a wedding theme?

A wedding theme will make your ceremony truly memorable and unique. Selecting a theme will also make it easier to finalize other aspects of the function like decoration, venue, food, and more. Given below are some wedding themes that you may consider:

1. Vintage

One of the all-time classic themes is vintage. This theme may be easily implemented during your wedding ceremony. You may opt for vintage attire on your wedding day and even hairstyles and makeup inspired from this era. You could choose vintage elements in the decorations like lace tablecloths, lanterns, lamps for lighting, and even vintage tableware. If you are worried about meeting the cost for such decorations, you may avail of a wedding loan.

2. Rustic

If you and your spouse are the ones who love simplicity and nature, then this theme is perfect for you. You may get very creative with this theme and may even choose an outdoor venue like a lawn or a beach. You could add simple decorations made of wood and other natural materials. You may also extensively use plants and flowers to really capture the essence of the theme.

3. Superhero

TV shows and movies have become so much more than just a form of entertainment nowadays and superheroes are all the rage. So, when the time comes to pick your wedding theme, why not choose a superhero universe that you and your spouse like? You could have decorations that use comic book references and quotes from the superhero stories. By availing of a personal loan, you may easily finance your wedding.

4. Mughal

What’s better than having a royal feeling for your wedding! If you are looking for a truly luxurious wedding, then this theme is just for you. You could opt for a marriage loan to book an opulent venue with marble floors and beautiful chandeliers. You could also use this theme for your wedding trousseau and choose floor length anarkalis, heavy lehengas, embroidered sherwanis, and exquisite jewelry to deck up. Different kinds of fabrics and drapes may be used to decorate the venue; while candles and fairy lights will set a romantic atmosphere for your wedding.

5. Circus

You may be getting married but if you still feel that you are a child at heart, go for a circus themed wedding! You may book a ground as your venue and have rides and games for the guests along with performances from clowns and acrobats. You could also opt for confectionary stands for food. A great addition to this theme would be a photo booth.

Your wedding is your special day and incorporating these ideas will surely make it more memorable for you and your guests. Another way to have a memorable celebration of your special day is to have a destination wedding!

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