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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Wipe out Your Daily Travelling Issues with Used Car Loan

Loan for Vehicle

Wipe out Your Daily Travelling Issues with Used Car Loan

Wipe out Your Daily Travelling Issues with Used Car Loan

Travelling in metropolitan cities is nothing short of an uphill battle. You're either constantly stuck in traffic, running to board the Metro before the door closes, or waiting for the bus to arrive on time. And it is at times like these when you wish you owned a private car.

Have you been secretly coveting a private vehicle but are holding back due to affordability issues? In that case, you can buy a second-hand car using a used car loan! It's a convenient yet affordable alternative for your daily commuting woes. How? Let's find out.

Benefits of owning a personal four-wheeler

#1 Emergencies

One of the major problems faced by travellers commuting via public transportation arises during a health crisis or other emergency. Besides the recent pandemic making public modes of transport highly risky, emergencies may extend the travel time, thus causing costly, sometimes, life-threatening delays.

#2 Autonomy and freedom

Owning a private four-wheeler means not having to run according to others’ schedules. It offers you independence and self-reliance, nullifying the need to depend upon others to reach your destination on time. This includes public means of transport such as local trains and buses, friends, and neighbours, among others.

#3 Safety

Having total control over the driver seat means having complete control over your safety. Relying on public transport means putting your safety into the hands of other drivers. (Who wants to pay the price for somebody else’s rash driving!) By owning a private vehicle, you can steer yourself in a safe direction by following road safety rules, driving within the speed limit, etc.

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#4 Time-saving

Tired of having your schedule revolve around the availability of public transport? Well, time is the new currency, and you can get more of it in a day by switching to a private car. Plus, the downside of looking for parking space doesn’t come close to the freedom of avoiding congested routes.

#5 Privacy

Another obvious benefit of owning a car is that you don’t have to share any space. You and your personal belongings can enjoy much-needed privacy when you own a car. Besides, for those who enjoy taking road trips from time to time, their private cars will be the perfect companion for the road!

Why purchase a second-hand car

Perhaps the #1 reason to invest in a second-hand car is that they are available at much lower prices when compared to their novel counterparts. Moreover, you also avoid losing out in the form of depreciation on second-hand cars since they have already reached their maximum depreciation levels. Thirdly, you need not pay any registration fees for your used car. Therefore, a second-hand four-wheeler is a value-for-money investment.

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To sum up

Even if it’s second-hand, choosing a class-leading car model and brand will ensure longevity and good performance. Interested in a second-hand car? You can now finance it using a used car loan from Tata Capital!

Our interest rates are highly competitive, starting at just 15%! Plus, our used car loan eligibility criteria are relaxed, and the loan processing is quick and easy.

Check your affordability using our online used car loan EMI calculator. Get in touch!

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