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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Year-End Discounts: Is It Worth Buying a Scooter/Bike in December

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Year-End Discounts: Is It Worth Buying a Scooter/Bike in December

Year-End Discounts: Is It Worth Buying a Scooter/Bike in December

Have your heart set on buying that latest sports bike? Then you must have heard people around you telling you to wait till year-end. This is because the auto market around this time becomes abuzz with delightful discounts and benefits. Various motorcycle manufacturers and dealers come up with exclusive bargain deals for their potential buyers.

Best of all, many lenders hop on the year-end sales season and extend highly attractive offers on two-wheeler loans. You can take advantage of such schemes and finance your brand new bike!

Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Excellent discount deals

As the year-end approaches, there is an increase in the demand for two-wheelers. To make the most of this demand, many dealers and bike companies offer huge discounts on the prices. This makes December a good time to buy the bike you've always wanted. 

Apart from cash discounts, you can also receive various benefits on your purchase, such as cash vouchers, free accessories, insurance policy, extended warranties, and much more.

Attractive offers

This month is also marked by attractive offers in the market. If you want to exchange your old bike or scooter for a fair deal, December is a good time to do that. You can avail of year-end discounts on the exchange, and the dealer will evaluate the vehicle at a price prevailing in the current year. This allows you to get a sweeter deal on the purchase.

Furthermore, you can also secure sale discounts, coupons for accessories, loyalty exchange bonuses, free after-sales services, and so on to save a significant amount of money on your purchase.

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Competitive prices

Since most companies revise their prices in January, they offer reduced rates on vehicles during December to attract potential buyers. Therefore, it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy slashed prices and save a few thousand on your purchase. What’s more, you can readily avail of a finance option at reasonable two-wheeler loan interest rates to get your dream bike.

Best deals on loans

Come sales season, there is a rise in the demand for scooters and bikes. As a result, several lenders extend amazing deals and offers on loans to match the seasonal demand.

If you buy a scooter or bike during December, you can get the best of loan deals at preferential two-wheeler loan interest rates. Especially if you have an existing relationship with the institution. Most lenders also waive off loan processing charges while offering 100% online application and instant loan approval.

With such exclusive rewards, you can expect to score numerous add-on benefits on your two-wheeler purchase.

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