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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Simple Steps on How to Safely Inspect a Used Car before Buying in 2020

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Simple Steps on How to Safely Inspect a Used Car before Buying in 2020

Simple Steps on How to Safely Inspect a Used Car before Buying in 2020

Satisfactory purchase of a pre-owned car is not just about negotiation and landing a sweet deal; it is also about a step-by-step inspection to dictate its drivability. Therefore, thorough research and investigation are essential for buying a sturdy used vehicle. 

A careful inspection of the second-hand car will likely save you from numerous repair and servicing bills in the future.

Inspection- dos and don’ts

The market for used cars is massive and is growing leaps and bounds due to the present circumstances, where social distancing in a must.

If you too are looking to buy a used vehicle, check out the steps listed below for a safe used-car inspection.

Check windshield stickers

All pre-owned cars come with a sticker attached to the side of the windshield containing information such as warranty, pollution check, etc. It is critical to look for such stickers to ensure that the vehicle has been cared for properly by the previous owner.

If you will be availing finance to purchase a used vehicle, make sure to calculate the EMI amount after subtracting the cost for repairs. Calculate your monthly instalment accurately with the help of an online used-car EMI calculator.

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Look for dents, chips and scratches on the body

You must inspect the car's body for dents, scratches, and signs of rust. If there is chipping of paint, it indicates shabby repair work. Rust is also an area of concern so; thorough superficial inspection is a must before buying.

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Inspect the suspension quality

Check the standing level of the second-hand vehicleby walking around it and move each corner to check for raised-up suspension. You must also have a professional inspect the vehicle’s suspension system. Do not buy the car if the shock absorbers are returning a poor performance as getting them replaced can cost you exorbitantly.

Such an expense on top of your used-car loan can dent your savings, which can bring down your used-car loan eligibility.  

Look for cracks and chips on glass parts

Used-vehicle inspectionis essential for checking large pocketed areas or cracks in the car’s glass. If the windshield or a window contains cracks, it is sure to worsen, and expensive repair work will be required later.

Inspect the hood

The list for checking under the hood of a used vehicle includes fluid tanks, radiator hose, engine oil, coolant condition, and crack-free belts. Since these checks require a trained eye, it would be ideal to take the car you wish to buy to a mechanic.

Check the cabin

Take some time to inspect the interiors of your second-hand carbefore buying. Search for rips or stains in the upholstery, damages on the plastic and metal parts, the air conditioner, odometer reading, and finally, turn on the ignition and check the dashboard for any warning lights.

Test drive the vehicle

After you inspect the second-hand car, get behind the wheel, and take it for a test drive to estimate its drivability and cabin comfort. Also, go through the pre-owned car’s paperwork and documents carefully to ensure it contains insurance that can be transferred in your name.

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Wish to apply for a used-vehicle loan?

If you are looking for a credible lender to help you buy used car, turn to Tata Capital.

We offer second-hand vehicle finance with minimal paperwork, speedy processing, flexible repayment terms and attractive used car loan interest rates.

We also offer a used car loan calculator on our website to help you estimate your monthly instalments accurately. To know more, get in touch with us today!

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