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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1 Comparison

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Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1 Comparison

Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1 Comparison

Research conducted by Redseer projects that the electric two-wheeler market will witness an impressive 78% growth by 2030. And this can already be seen manifesting as many big players make their debut in the electric scooter sector.

Today, the market offers an array of electric two-wheeler choices at exciting prices. But too many options can sometimes make the decision-making even harder. And so, we’ll discuss the front runners in this space so that you can find the best e-scooter for you!

Here, we’ll compare Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1. Comparisons will be drawn based on specifications, price and range. So, by the time you’re done with our review, you’ll know which e-scooter you should be driving home. Let’s get started!

Compare Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1: comparison of specifications

The Hero vs Ather vs Ola debate requires a closer look at the specifications of each scooter. While the Ola S1 has undergone impressive updates, the new entrant, the Hero Vida V1, promises to deliver on practicality and usability range. Let’s look at all their specifications individually

  • Hero Vida V1

Hero electric held the largest market share at 35% last year. They are also rumoured to acquire a $250 million investment to expand their production and strengthen their position in the market. With many successful launches like the Hero Electric Photon, the Hero Vida V1 is a valuable addition to the already impressive Hero fleet.

Here are Hero Vida V1’s specifications.

Motor3.9 kW
Peak power6 kW
Battery capacity3.94 kW (2 x 1.97 kWh)
Charging timeunder 6 hours (0-80%)
Torque25 Nm
0-40 Kmph3.2 seconds
Top speed80 Kmph
  • Ather 450X

Ather Energy is proving to be a significant competitor in the E-scooter industry. It announces a whopping 247% YoY growth for September as it slowly makes its inroads into the dynamic space. The Ather 450X Gen 3 was released this year and is already shaking up the stage.

Here are Ather 450X’s specifications.

Motor3.3 kW PMSM
Peak power6.2 kW
Battery capacity3.7 kW
Charging time4:30 hours (0-80%)
Torque26 Nm
0-40 Kmph3.3 seconds
Top speed80 Kmph
  • Ola S1

In a short span of just 5 months, Ola overtook Hero Electric to hold the crown of the market leader. The e-scooter maker also announces record sales of 20,000 units, becoming the largest EV seller in the country.

Further, Ola Electric unveiled India’s first indigenously made lithium-ion cell this year. And according to reports, it could slash the cost of battery packs by almost 40% and EVs by 20-25%. The Ola S1 range is the product of this steady commitment to the electric two-wheeler space. The Ola S1 is already leading the market with impressive features and attractive prices.

Let us look at the Ola S1’s specifications.

Motor5.5 kW Mid-drive IPM
Peak power8.5 kW
Battery capacity3.97 kW
Charging time6:30 hours (0-100%)
Torque58 Nm
0-40 Kmph3 seconds
Top speed115 kmph

Compare Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1: comparison of prices

It all boils down to the pricing if you’re in the market for a sleek new electric scooter. Let us compare Hero Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1. Differences in pricing depending on the variant you choose.

Here are the price ranges of each e-scooter.

SpecificationHero Vida V1Ather 450XOla S1
PriceRs 1.45 lakh- Rs 1.59 LakhRs 1.17 Lakh- Rs 1.39 LakhRs 99,999- Rs 1.39 Lakh

Compare Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1: comparison of range

After the Hero vs Ather vs Ola specifications, let’s look at the range these scooters offer.

SpecificationHero Vida V1Ather 450XOla S1
Range165 Km105 Km170 Km

The Ola S1 is a clear winner when we compare Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1. The differencesbetween the three are substantial. The Ola is on top, followed by the hero, and Ather comes last. But it all comes down to your needs. For instance, the Ola S1 is the best choice if you travel long distances.

Compare Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1: differences

For your convenience, we have curated a consolidated list for Hero vs Ather vs Ola. Here are the details.

SpecificationHero Vida V1Ather 450XOla S1
Motor3.9 kW3.3 kW PMSM5.5 kW Mid-drive IPM
Peak power6 kW6.2 kW8.5 kW
Battery capacity3.94 kW (2 x 1.97 kWh)3.7 kW3.97 kW
Charging timeunder 6 hours (0-80%)4:30 hours (0-80%)6:30 hours (0-100%)
Torque25 Nm26 Nm58 Nm
0-40 Kmph3.2 seconds3.3 seconds3 seconds
Top speed80 Kmph80 Kmph115 kmph

All three scooters must be on your list if you’re looking to buy a new e-scooter. And this list will help you decide between the top three most popular electric scooters the market has to offer.

Bottom line

After comparing Hero Vida V1 vs Ather 450X vs Ola S1, you must have a rough idea of which one suits you and your needs best. The Ola S1 is a strong contender with the right balance of performance and features.

While the Ather 450X proves to be well-rounded when it comes to performance, range and features. And with frequent updates, it only gets better. The Hero Vida V1 is a close contender with smart visuals but has space for improvement.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the retail sale of electric scooters is projected at 63.9% between 2020 and 2025, with a sales value of over $1 Billion by 2025. So, you’ll be ushering in the future!

What’s more? Under the FAME Scheme II, you can avail of subsidies on electric scooters. But, even then, buying an electric scooter can be a financial strain. And so, to applaud the environmentally conscious person you are, avail Tata Capital two wheeler loan at attractive interest rates. So that you can keep your savings safe for the future as you drive your shiny new scooter around.

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