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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > New Traffic Rules of 2021 You Must Know before Buying a Bike

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New Traffic Rules of 2021 You Must Know before Buying a Bike

New Traffic Rules of 2021 You Must Know before Buying a Bike

Are you aware that the traffic guidelines for two-wheelers were revised this year? If not, let’s take a look at road safety rules in 2021 before you purchase a bike.


One of the major revisions in traffic regulations is the fine levied on over speeding. Going over the assigned speed limit of a road is dangerous as it leads to loss of vehicle control. Hence, over speeding is a punishable offence under the Motor Vehicle Act 2021. And, according to the new traffic rules,the fine for over speeding now stands at Rs. 1000.

Riding without a valid license

Earning a valid two-wheeler license is imperative before you get your hands on a bike and take it for a spin. In case your license has expired, make sure to get it renewed immediately from the Regional Transport Office (RTO). If you are caught riding your bike or any other two-wheeler without a license, you will be fined Rs. 5,000.

Juvenile or under-age driving

Before you apply for a two wheeler loan to purchase a brand-new bike, make sure you are at least sixteen years of age. Underage driving is a serious offence, and the vehicle’s owner will be held guilty if an under-age rider is caught riding the bike. Along with being charged a hefty fine of Rs. 25,000/-, this offence can also lead to imprisonment of the respective vehicle owner.

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Drunk driving

Simply put, do not ride your bike if you are intoxicated. Driving any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any other substance is dangerous and punishable by law. There are strict rules against drinking and driving, where drivers caught under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be charged Rs. 10,000 as fine.

Dangerous driving

When driving falls below the standard expected of a competent and careful driver, authorities would consider it dangerous and punishable.

So, what does incompetent driving entail? Riding your bike while speaking on the phone, rash driving, half-wheeling, etc. fall under dangerous driving. The said offences will be charged a fine of Rs. 5,000, according to the new traffic rules.

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In conclusion

Now that you are familiar with the latest revisions in traffic rules go ahead and buy your dream bike! If you’re falling short on funds to make this purchase, head over to Tata Capital – India’s leading lending institution. We offer finance at competitive two wheeler loan interest rates.

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