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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > How to Get a Driving License for Car in India?

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How to Get a Driving License for Car in India?

How to Get a Driving License for Car in India?

Learning the skill of driving ensures you don’t have to depend on others for mobility. Some people learn driving to perform everyday functions, whereas others for the thrill and leisure that is tagged along. But, to drive around, you must have a driving license for a car. It is a legal offence with serious consequences to drive without a verified license.

To get a license for car, you can simply apply online or follow the traditional method.

Visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO)

Over the years, people have acquired their car learning licensefrom the RTO. To get your license, visit the nearest RTO office in your area. Here, you will have to request the officials for an application form.  Fill out the form and submit it along with the fees and the mandatory documents such as proof of identity, proof of age, address proof, etc.

Online process

Applying for your driving license at RTO offices can be hectic and tiresome. These places are often unorganised, which may result in delayed outcomes. Therefore, to avoid the fuss, you can apply for a driving license online. To get an online car license, visit

To proceed with the registration, you must fill in all the necessary details and upload scanned copies of the required documents. Complete the registration by making an online payment and selecting a slot for your driving test. You must pass the exam to qualify for a license.

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Get a car to continue driving

With the unprecedented pandemic descending on the world, people became sceptical about using public transportation. No wonder, over the last few months, there was a sharp upswing in the sales of cars. After all, amongst all the other modes of transportation, private cars ensure maximum safety towards this deadly virus.

Unfortunately, the pandemic took a toll on people’s incomes, leaving them in a financial crunch. But, to keep up with the need for a privately owned vehicle during these times, several individuals decided to invest in second-hand cars. Consequently, this resulted in high demand for used car loans to help people with their big-ticket purchase.

If you plan on investing in a used car, you must apply for a loan with a lender providing an affordable used car loan interest rate. This will ensure that you do not exhaust all your savings on your car’s purchase. Keeping the need of the hour in mind, several lending institutions have curated unique plans to support you with a loan for your used car purchases.

So, before availing finance, carefully explore loan options provided by different lenders. Ensure that you fit right into the used car loan eligibility criteria and have all the documents ready for a quick approval.

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Final thoughts

To conduct an in-depth review of different EMI options at varied tenure and principal amounts, try an online used car loan EMI calculator.  You can avail of this calculator on the official websites of financial lenders like Tata Capital.

Aiding monetary assistance for purchasing a used-car at Tata Capital allows a smooth process at low-interest rates. We also offer flexible EMI options with speedy processing and minimal documentation.

To know more, get in touch with us today!

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