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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > 10 Driving Habits That Help Your Car Last Longer

Loan for Vehicle

10 Driving Habits That Help Your Car Last Longer

10 Driving Habits That Help Your Car Last Longer

Most people believe that servicing is the only way to maintain the quality of the car. While servicing is important, you’d be surprised to know that numerous everyday driving habits can significantly impact the longevity of cars.

Here are certain tips that will help you keep your car in top shape for years.

1. Take the time to break-in

Used cars don’t face this problem, but new ones may need some care during the break-in period. You may want to take your car for a spin immediately, but that may hamper the functioning of your car. Be sure to drive at a slower speed and avoid keeping the car idle for an extended period, at least until your odometer shows 1,000 miles.

2. Jumping over bumps

Speed bumps, potholes, and uneven roads negatively impact the suspension, shock absorber, and the steering. When manoeuvring through bumpy roads, try to avoid the bumps or slow down.

3. Get rid of excess weight

If you are planning to take a used car loan to buy a second-hand car for moving inventory, it’s essential to know that excess weight will enhance fuel consumption and put a strain on the car parts. The stress of the extra weight, particularly compromises the quality of the suspension and shock absorbers.

4. Maintain adequate speed limits

The speed you drive at influences the health of new and used cars. Higher speed burns the fuel at an alarming rate and puts undue stress on the engine, tires, and transmission leading to the parts heating up quickly.

5. Stop before changing gears

How many times have we switched gears while backing out? When you change gears while the vehicle is still rolling, it causes a lot of stress to the engine mounts, CV joints, transmission, etc. Therefore, it’s recommended to stop before changing gears completely.

6. Go for longer trips

This may come as a surprise to some, but those long drives keep your car healthy as it gets a chance to heat up to its full operating temperature. The ideal way is to combine short and long trips to reduce corrosion, burn off deposits, and vaporize condensations.

7. Drive regularly

Taking a used car loan from Tata Captial, to buy a second-hand car gives you the freedom to get your vehicle at a much lower monetary value. Once you have a car, you’d probably stop yourself from taking it out every day. Interestingly, regular driving keeps the oil circulating and prevents dry oil seals, which subsequently lowers the stress on the generator.

8. Avoid Dragging the Brakes

Dragging the brakes of your car is a bad idea as this will most likely increase the wear and tear of your brake discs and brake pads. Doing this would require them to be replaced frequently, adding to increased expense. 

9. Stop resting your hand on that gearstick

Did you know resting your hand on the gearstick could actually be bad? The gearstick comes connected with the selector fork that is designed in such a way where contact with the rotating collar should only be made for a short time. When you rest your hand on the gearstick, you could apply too much pressure on the selector fork resulting in premature wear and tear. 

10. Regular servicing

Although not typically a driving habit, but being serious about regular car servicing adds to its overall health. Polishing the exteriors prevents paint damage and corrosion, getting the car parts examined regularly can help to identify defects early on, and getting it serviced ensures the car runs at its optimum levels.

Don’t let a lack of funds deter you from experiencing the freedom that comes with owning a personal vehicle. Today, several second-hand cars are available in prime condition, and providers, such as Tata Capital, also offer used car loans at easy monthly Instalments.