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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Are E-scooters More Economical & Affordable from the Petrol Ones?

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Are E-scooters More Economical & Affordable from the Petrol Ones?

Are E-scooters More Economical & Affordable from the Petrol Ones?

There’s no doubt that two-wheelers are easier to manoeuvre than cars in Indian traffic. Hence, there have been incredible advancements in two-wheeler technology in the past few years. Although petrol bikes and scooters still dominate the market, electric vehicles are slowly making a mark in the two-wheeler segment and claiming their space on Indian roads.

Both electric scooters and bikes are becoming a rage among the youth and environmentally conscious people. Naturally, this raises the question – Is electric bike better than petrol? And more importantly, is it more economical than the petrol alternative? Keep reading to find out.


Here’s a fact. Electric scooters tend to be a bit more expensive than petrol ones. Why? Well, e-scooters run on lithium-ion batteries, which are pretty costly. But the Indian government is working hard to promote e-vehicles. Owners can get incentives of up to Rs. 15,000 per kWh that can cover almost 40% of a two-wheeler’s cost.

Further, you can opt for a convenient bike loan from a credible lender to afford the e-scooter with ease.

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Fuel cost

As you know, electric scooters don’t run on fuel, so there are no fuel costs. However, you must charge these scooters, and currently, there are still extremely few charging stations to do so. This is why electric two-wheelers are only suitable for short journeys and daily commute.

While the Indian government has ramped up efforts to install self-charging stations to solve this issue, there's a long way to go. Nevertheless, there are other alternatives to the charging problem, including a home charging station if you have the means for it.


So, moving to the next point in the e-scooter vs petrol debate, you’ll be happy to know that the maintenance costs for e-scooters are meagre. There isn’t much maintenance involved in electric vehicles to begin with. However, you must replace the battery after a few years, which is significant for the e-scooter to work.

On the other hand, the petrol vehicles must be serviced regularly, and you must replace the parts that are worn out.

Is there a clear winner?

If you think about the total cost of ownership of e-scooters, you will find that the scooters can be affordable if used regularly and for shorter distances. Also, these scooters can prove to be more affordable than the petrol ones. As you know, petrol prices are skyrocketing with each day, and while some of these scooters can offer 50-60 km per litre, some e-scooters can even offer 100 km per charge.

Last but not least, whether you choose an electric or petrol vehicle, you can borrow a two-wheeler loan to make the whole process a walk in the park!

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Over to you

Have your heart set on a bike or scooter? Then the next step is to contact Tata Capital and check out our loan offerings. You only have to meet our two-wheeler loan eligibility conditions, and you can get your hands on a brand new scooter or bike with the best two wheeler loan interest rates available!

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