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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Vehicle > Bajaj Best Mileage Bikes in India

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Bajaj Best Mileage Bikes in India

Bajaj Best Mileage Bikes in India

Most motor head fanatics are ready to take a bike loan for purchasing a good bike, but they never settle for bad fuel economy. Mileage or the economy for a vehicle is calculated on the basis of kilometres it can cover per litre of fuel. 

With constant fluctuations in oil prices, it is paramount to consider mileage as a key factor while purchasing a bike so that the daily running expenses of the vehicle can be reduced. Bajaj keeps this in mind and makes some of the best mileage bikes, providing low service costs making it the optimal choice.

Listed below are the best Bajaj mileage bikes with additional information about affordability and displacement.

Bajaj Dominar 250

The Bajaj Dominar 250 has quickly become the preferred choice of mileage bike for most long-distance travels and on off-track routes. There are many merits to this bike, including incredible mileage. The Dominor 250 mileage stands at 35 kmpl. 

Adding to the Dominar 250’s mileage, this bike’s engine does not overheat even when travelling long distances because of its liquid-cooled engine.

Bajaj Pulsar 150

The Pulsar 150 exceeds most bikes in its range, in terms of performance and comfort. Cheaper maintenance costs, increased performance after the BS-IV update and exceptional service reach make it one of the highest selling 150 cc bikes in the country and make it one of the Bajaj best mileage bikes.

The Pulsar 150’s mileage stands at a whopping 50 kmpl, which is one of the best in class for the price. In addition to the Pulsar 150 mileage, this bike also offers excellent power, acceleration and great ride quality.   

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Bajaj Platina

Platina ensures a comfortable riding experience as well as safety with its anti-skid braking system, sturdy frame and tubeless tyres. It is targeted at commuters looking for a hassle-free ride and simplicity, putting it in an affordable price range. There are two entry level variants of this bike, 100 cc, 110 cc and a new 110H-gear version for a smoother ride credited to its five-speed gear box.

The Bajaj Platina’s mileage stands at a staggering 74 kmpl, which makes it a high value for money bike. Besides the celebration-worthy Bajaj Platina mileage, it offers a powerful 102 cc engine within an affordable price range of Rs. 38,000 to Rs. 56,000  

Bajaj Discover 125

Available in red, black, blue, and black, the Bajaj Discover 125 comes with an air-cooled, single cylinder DTSi engine, delivering a superb mileage of 82.4 kmpl. It also sports stylish features like dual tone seats. There is an option for the buyer to purchase the front disk brake version.

The Bajaj Discover 125’s mileage is what makes it extremely popular for daily commutes. The Discover 125’s mileage stands at 82.4 kmpl. 

Bajaj CT100

Being one of the most affordable best mileage bikes in the country, the Bajaj CT100 runs on the durable DTSi engine and comes in many colours. The bike is equipped with raised ground clearance and bigger crash guards to provide extra safety even on bad roads and rough terrain.

Bike ModelMileageEnginePrice
Bajaj Dominar 250Dominar 250 mileage is 35 kmpl248 ccRs. 1.65 lakh (approx.)
Bajaj Pulsar 150Bajaj Pulsar 1 mileage is 50 kmpl149.5 ccRs. 92,700 – 1.03 lakh (approx.)
Bajaj PlatinaBajaj Platina mileage is 74 kmpl102 ccRs. 38,000-56,000 (approx.)
Bajaj Discover 125Bajaj Discover 125 mileage is 82.4 kmpl124.5 ccRs. 51,793 – 62,253(approx.)
Bajaj CT100Bajaj CT 100 mileage is 92 kmpl102 ccRs. 44,890- 52,000 (approx.)

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Which Bike Should I Choose?

All the bikes listed above offer excellent mileage, which makes it rather difficult to pick one. To decide which bike is right for you, you must identify your primary purchase purpose. For example, if your top priority is power and acceleration, after which comes mileage, you might want to go for the 285cc Bajaj Dominar 250. 

However, if excellent mileage at the lowest possible price is what you seek, you can choose the Bajaj Discover 125 or the Bajaj CT 100. The point being that no one bike is better than the other. They all appeal to different goals of buyers. You simply have to identify yours before making the purchase. 

In the End

Any bikes from the list stand out for you? Turn your dream into a reality by opting for a bike loan and owning your dream bike today. Head to Tata Capital and apply for a two-wheeler loan at affordable bike loan interest rates for a trouble-free purchase. 

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