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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Travel Destinations That Are Popular For Sustainable Travellers

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Travel Destinations That Are Popular For Sustainable Travellers

Travel Destinations That Are Popular For Sustainable Travellers

Living a sustainable lifestyle entails reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible. This is why those who advocate for sustainability cut back on their travel bucket lists. But there are ways to travel sustainably. And it includes carefully picking where you go, how you reach and prepare for it.

The general rule of thumb is that the closer your travel destination, the lower your carbon footprint. But that doesn't mean you must spend a lifetime exploring museums, cafes and hidden gems around your city. Instead, you can simply pack your bags, visit a sustainable town and leave a light carbon footprint while at it.

Here's a list of destinations to make your eco travelling dreams come true.

5 Destinations to add to Your Eco Travelling Bucket List

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been a travel favourite for those looking to travel in an eco-friendly manner. After all, this country is well-known for its sustainable practices and facilitates ecotourism. Over 25% of this tropical country is protected as a national park, reserve or wildlife refuge. Not only does the Costa Rican government itself promote eco travelling through its ecotourism industry, but the population itself is eco-conscious.

In Costa Rica, you can stay at local eco-lodges, engage in wildlife experiences, enjoy rural cuisine, and tour with a local guide. In addition, you can go on guided tours across Costa Rica's private reserves and contribute directly to their wildlife conservation efforts.

The best part? Costa Rica also has plenty of transport options to facilitate green travel. You can choose car rentals from Costa Rica's several carbon-neutral travel companies. Try sustainable travelling via inexpensive domestic flights that ply on biofuel, public buses that are not only punctual but budget friendly and even international flights that work on offsetting their carbon footprint.

  1. Nepal

If you're planning to retreat into the mountains sustainably, Nepal is one place you want to be. Landlocked between India and China, the country is home to beautiful mountains, dense forests and incredible biodiversity.

When in Nepal, one can explore trekking, hiking and mountaineering. Trekkers can easily find lodging in tea houses en route and save costs. In addition, they can hire local tour guides from sustainability-focused travel companies at reasonable costs and have a safe commute. Many travel companies offer electric vehicles and train their guides to follow sustainable practices. This way, rest assured your trip to the mountainous country is a convenient and travel eco-friendly one.

  1. Gothenbeurg

Third on our list, Gothenburg is one city you cannot miss if you want to travel eco-friendly. Ranked number 1 for over six years as the world's most sustainable travel destination, this idyllic nordic city prioritises sustainability in all dimensions, social, economic and ecological.

97% of the city's public transport runs on renewable energy, 95% of the hotels around the city are eco-certified, and the airport even has a low emission zone certified by the Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme. The various green travel alternatives make the city a sustainable traveller's paradise. But that's not all.

The city also is a sustainable food lover's haven. It has plenty of restaurants and bars that spotlight local ingredients and dish up delicious meals at affordable prices. Besides, as a tourist, you can shop at plenty of vintage clothing stores and sports and furniture stores.

You can find everything you need during your stay within walking distance. And if you need to explore more of the city and travel sustainably? Then, public transport is your best bet.

Gothenburg thus takes care of our sustainable travelling dreams by ensuring almost zero emissions while commuting and during your stay. These alone are good reasons to visit the city.

  1. Rwanda

The list of green travel destinations may be growing rapidly. But if you're an animal lover, Rwanda is one place you need to add to your sustainable travelling destinations. Here's why.

The country has always committed to travel eco efforts. The government is supportive and actively part of sustainable development efforts, including mountain gorilla protection and rural tourism. In recent years, the government has also engaged in activities like reintroducing lions and rhinoceroses into national parks and found success. These reasons alone make Rwanda an excellent eco travelling destination. But here are a few more reasons to visit the country.

You can stay comfortably at one of Rwanda's eco-lodges and resorts. The food, the stay and the sights are luxurious, and the bonus? You can also visit the endangered mountain gorillas safely in their natural habitat!

  1. Valencia

Valencia aims to become the world's leading eco travelling destination by 2025 by reducing and compensating for CO2 emissions through renewable energy generation, electric mobility, increasing the capacity of natural spaces, and more.

The above reasons make Valencia the perfect addition to your travel eco plans. But if you're looking for more reasons to invest in a trip to Valencia, here are a few more you cannot miss.

Navigating the Spanish city is easy, thanks to the green travel initiatives. Everything you need is within walking distance. If you want to do some local sightseeing, you can easily board sustainable transport like a metro, bus, shared electric vehicle or even a rented bicycle. All you need to do is get a Valencia Tourist Card.

You can travel eco and tour the city's historical buildings, visit the many parks and gardens and even spend a relaxing holiday at the beaches and natural parks. And if you want a memorable experience, you can take a themed boat trip in Valencia with your family and get a guided tour on how you can do your bit to save the planet!

Planning a trip to any of the above international travel destinations and ensuring you travel sustainably and live at sustainable accommodations is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. But that doesn't mean you must wait until you have the savings to plan your sustainable trip. You can fulfil your green travel dreams and your travel bucket list with the help of a travel loan from Tata Capital. The best part? You can choose your repayment tenure and benefit from low-interest rates and travel eco on your next trip. Visit the website to learn more.

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