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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Top 5 COVID Free Countries Around the World

Loan for Travel

Top 5 COVID Free Countries Around the World

Top 5 COVID Free Countries Around the World

While India and several other countries continue reporting Coronavirus cases every day, a few nations are now COVID free. You can travel to them, based on whether you are vaccinated or not.

So, check out this list of 5 COVID-free countries and choose your next travel destination. 

New Zealand

With a highly successful response to the pandemic, New Zealand has become COVID free. Besides, with a population of nearly 5 million people, New Zealand reported just 26 deaths till date. The country achieved this feat by imposing a strict lockdown for several weeks and hastening its vaccination drive.

Given that India’s second wave is now under control and the vaccination drive is in full flow, vaccinated Indians can take a travel loan and tour this beautiful nation the minute it lifts international restrictions.


Not only is Israel entirely COVID free, but it is now also mask-free. The government removed the mandatory mask rule when more than 70% of Israel's population got vaccinated. While the Israeli authorities have not allowed tourism yet, they plan to do so for vaccinated individuals soon.

If you plan on touring this unique nation in the coming months, get vaccinated and finance your tour with a personal loan.

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Bhutan emerged victorious and declared itself COVID-free this year. The nation’s government managed to vaccinate more than 90% of its population in just two weeks. Moreover, since the very beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, Bhutan has only ever reported one death.

Despite sharing borders with China and India, this tiny nation was not hit by the worst of the pandemic due to its timely precautions. 


The scenic archipelago of Seychelles also claims it's COVID-free. The authorities don't have many new cases to report, and the nation has begun conditional tourism already. If you are fully vaccinated, you can enter Seychelles without quarantining on entry.

However, you will still require a negative RT-PCR report to show. Also, facemasks in public places in Seychelles are compulsory as of now.


Montenegro became the first European country to declare itself free from COVID-19. Through its meticulous restrictions, this nation reported only 324 confirmed cases and 9 deaths. Travel to Montenegro requires passengers to carry a negative RT-PCR test and proof of vaccination or self-quarantine for 14 days.

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Gearing up for travel?

Soon, international travel for Indians will pick up. And, then where will you tour? Wherever you go, make sure you have ample funds to enjoy your trip. After all, this would be the first trip for many after a very long time.

To ensure you don't fall short on funds, opt for travel or personal finance from one of India's leading lenders – Tata Capital. We offer unsecured loans for travel at lucrative personal loan interest rates with customisable repayment tenures and minimal paperwork.

With us, you can apply for a maximum amount of up to Rs. 25 lakhs for your travel escapades. Before doing so, you can calculate your potential monthly instalments by using our online personal loan EMI calculator.

To know more, get in touch with us today!

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