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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Top 10 Best Dishes to Eat in Thailand

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Top 10 Best Dishes to Eat in Thailand

Top 10 Best Dishes to Eat in Thailand

With an incredibly diverse cuisine, Thailand is one of the best holiday destinations for food lovers. Thai cuisine is known for being spicy, sweet and sour and containing complex flavours influenced by other Asian cuisines. Here are some trademark Thai dishes you should try to have an idea of the nation’s rich tastes.

1. Pat Tai

This Thai dish is known and recreated all over the world. The Pat Tai is a Bangkok street food staple made using rice noodles and fresh or dried shrimp, bean sprouts, eggs, tofu and local seasoning. Traditionally served with Chinese chives and lime halves, the Pat Tai is a delicious treat you shouldn’t skip.

2. Tom Yum Goong

The Thai version of the hot and sour soup, the Tom Yum Goong is a shrimp soup prepared using lemongrass, seasonal vegetables and a lot of spices. If you are a seafood or a spice lover, you will fall in love with this dish.

3. Noodle Soup

Thai noodle soups come in a lot of variants – vegetable, pork or chicken or seafood. All of them are prepared using different kinds of noodles and delicious spicy gravy with vegetables and meat.

4. Gooay teeo reua

Translating to “boat noodles”, this Thai dish is perhaps one of the most flavoursome dishes anywhere in the world. The Gooay teeo reua is a slow-cooked noodle broth infused with plenty of spices, herbs and meat and served in beef or pork variants.

5. Som Dam

Nothing compares to the slight spicy burn of Som Dam. This dish consists of crunchy papaya strips crushed with a mortar and pestle and combined with fish sauce, garlic, chillies and long beans. It has its origin in Thailand’s northeast.

6. Gai Med Ma Moung

The Gai Med Ma Moung is a traditional Thai dish made using chicken and cashew nuts. Most chefs toss in some vegetables to dilute the spicy flavour of the meal. You can try it solo or with some steamed rice.

7. Geng Kheaw Wan Gai

Available with chicken, beef or vegetables, this spicy Thai dish will tickle your taste buds in the best possible way. It is prepared using green peppers, coconut milk and Thai eggplant. If you are not a fan of spicy food, ask for milder versions.

8. Kanom Beuang

The Kanom Beauang is available in both sweet and spicy versions. The sweet variant has a strand of duck eggs and fruits, while the savoury one has dried shrimp and white pepper. It is one of the most popular Thai street foods.

9. Mee grorp

One of the oldest dishes of Thailand once loved by the local royals; the Mee Gorp is made using dried noodles. It is fragrant, sweet and sour but with mildly spicy tones.

10. Kao Phad

Also known widely as Thai fried rice, the Kao Phas consists of steamed rice, meat, shrimp, chicken, crab or beef. It also has several seasonal vegetables, eggs, garlic and onions.

All these heavenly dishes of Thailand are available in several upscale restaurants across the country. However, trying them all can be expensive. If you do not wish to spend all your savings while indulging in the best of Thai cuisine, take a loan for travel from Tata Capital. Tata Capital’s travel loans come with attractive interest rates, flexible repayment tenures and easy EMIs. Check your travel loan eligibility by reviewing our personal loan eligibility details on our website or contact a title="Personal Loan" representative. Apply for a personal loan with Tata Capital to get to your dream holiday destinations.

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