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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Long Weekends To Look Out For In 2023 To Plan Your Vacation

Loan for Travel

Long Weekends To Look Out For In 2023 To Plan Your Vacation

Long Weekends To Look Out For In 2023 To Plan Your Vacation

2023 is almost here! And with it, it brings a year full of long weekends. But this shouldn't come as a surprise given that 2022 had most holidays like Christmas, Eid, Holi, Gandhi Jayanti, etc., falling on weekends, especially Sundays.

We calculate that if you plan well, you can fit as many as 14 mini vacations in 2023, with at least six holidays in the months of March, April and August. Before we provide you with exciting ideas for short getaways, check out the list of long weekends in 2023.

The Complete List of Long Weekends in 2023

Refer to the detailed table below to find out the list of holidays in 2023:

Long weekends in January 2023
Cluster 1
31st of December – Saturday
1st of January – Sunday (New Year’s Day)
 2nd of January – Monday (take a leave)
Cluster 2
13th of January – Friday (take a leave)
14th of January – Saturday (Lohri)
15th of January – Sunday (Pongal)
Cluster 3
26th of January – Thursday (Republic Day)
27th of January – Friday (take a leave)
28th of January – Saturday
29th of January - Sunday
Long weekends in February 2023
Cluster 4
17th of February – Friday (take a leave)
18th of February – Saturday (Mahashivratri)
19th Of February - Sunday
Long weekends in March 2023
Cluster 5
8th of March – Wednesday (Holi)
9th of March – Thursday (take a leave)
10th of March – Friday (take a leave)
11th of March – Saturday
12th of March - Sunday 
Long weekends in April 2023
Cluster 6
4th of April – Tuesday (Mahavir Jayanti)
5th of April – Wednesday (take a leave)
6th of April – Thursday (take a leave)
7th of April – Friday (Good Friday)
8th of April – Saturday
9th of April - Sunday
Long weekends in May 2023
Cluster 7
5th of May – Friday (Buddha Purnima)
6th of May – Saturday
7th of May - Sunday
Long weekends in June and July 2023
Cluster 8
29th of June – Thursday (Eid-al-Adha)
30th of June – Friday (take a leave)
1st of July – Saturday
2nd of July - Sunday 
Long weekends in August 2023
Cluster 9
12th of August - Saturday
13th of August – Sunday
14th of August – Monday (take a leave)
15th of August – Tuesday (76th Independence Day)
Long weekends in September 2023
Cluster 10
7th of September – Thursday (Janmashtami)
8th of September – Friday (take a leave)
9th of September – Saturday
10th of September - Sunday
Cluster 11
28th of September – Thursday (Eid-e-Milad)
29th of September – Friday (take a leave)
30th of September – Saturday
1st of October – Sunday
2nd of October – Monday (Gandhi Jayanti)
Long weekends in October 2023
Cluster 12
21st of October – Saturday
22nd of October – Sunday
23rd of October – Monday (take a leave)
24th of October – Tuesday (Dussehra) 
Long weekends in November 2023
Cluster 13
10th of November – Friday (take a leave)
11th of November - Saturday 
12th of November – Sunday (Diwali)
Long weekends in December 2023
Cluster 14
23rd of December – Saturday
24th of December – Sunday
25th of December – Monday (Christmas)

With so many long weekends in 2023, you must gear up for taking at least a few mini-vacations. But which places are ideal for a long weekend getaway? Keep reading to find out. 

4 Best Places to Visit During Long Weekends, 2023

We have highlighted the top 4 locations split between summer and winter long weekends 2023. These destinations are ideal for a short getaway. 

1. Phuket, Thailand 

Instead of heading over to Goa (once again), try Thailand. Indians get a quick visa on arrival for 2500 Baht in the country. The return flights are affordable, as many low-cost carriers fly to various destinations in Thailand.

If you plan to fly to Thailand for a long weekend in 2023, make sure you visit Bangkok and Phuket. Both these locations offer stunning vistas, nightlife, luxury resorts, and much more. However, if you have already been to these two cities in Thailand, fly to Koh Samui or up North to the country's Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai provinces. These offer lush forests and remote resorts in them. 

Best Time to Visit – Between November and March 

2. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 

Jaisalmer, with its vibrant culture and stunning dunes, is an ideal choice for a short getaway. This quaint little town deep in the heart of Rajasthan has direct flights from most major cities in India. 

Once you get there, be sure to see the Jaisalmer Fort, Patwon-ki-Haveli, and the Gadisaar Lake. After you're done taking in these sights, travel to the Sam sand dunes, where you must take a camel ride and stay overnight in tent hotels. Try the signature Laal Maans (red mutton curry) of Rajasthan and stay at heritage properties. Safe to say, this city must feature on your list of holidays in 2023. 

Best Time to visit – Between October and March

3. Tirthan Valley, Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh 

Want to go off the tourist track to a lesser-known but equally stunning town in the Himalayas? If so, then travel to Jibhi in Himachal Pradesh. Here, you can interact with the locals, enjoy nature at its best and also trek the Tirthan Valley.

Jibhi is a small place with relatively limited things to do except revel in nature's sounds and experience a slowdown. If you want to lie in the lap of nature without doing a tonne of sightseeing, Jibhi should be on your list of holidays in 2023’s long weekends. 

The quickest way to get to Jibhi is to fly to the Kullu airport at Bhuntar and rent a cab to Jibhi.  

Best time to visit: February to June

4. Gangtok, Sikkim

From hanging out at stunning hilltop hotels to sitting by gushing waterfalls, there are many things you can do at Gangtok. The Gangtok Airport is relatively well-connected and offers flights from all major cities of India.

Once you get there, take the scenic cable car ride from Deorali to Tashling. After which, you should sample the local cuisine at M.G. Marg. Simply walking in Gangtok is a serene experience, which you should continue by shopping at Lal Bazaar. 

Best time to visit: September and October and between March and June 

Parting Thoughts

The holiday list in 2023 can include many other places, but none you can see without ample finances. 

Want to fulfil your holiday plans for the next year, but expect a shortage of funds? Worry not! Partner with Tata Capital to avail of a personal loan for travel. We offer personal loans at affordable interest rates, extended tenures, speedy processing and minimal documentation.

You can also apply for a personal loan for travel through our digital portal. Visit our website to know more.

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