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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Guide to Santa Claus Village in Finland for the Perfect Christmas

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Guide to Santa Claus Village in Finland for the Perfect Christmas

Guide to Santa Claus Village in Finland for the Perfect Christmas

What is the perfect Christmas like? A carpet of white snow, twinkling lights, Christmas carols, ice sculptures, a chance to see elves at work and meet Santa Claus himself, maybe? All of this is possible at Santa Claus Village in Finland!

If you want to get away from all the holiday madness, shopping and cooking, plan a trip to Finland with your loved ones.

Here is what to expect at Santa Claus Village.

The Santa Claus Village is a Christmas lover’s paradise. It is home to reindeers, beautifully decorated Christmas trees and Santa Claus.

So, what is the Santa Claus Village exactly? It is a Christmas village park to the north of Rovaniemi Finland in Finnish Lapland. It offers many privately-run activities. From the season’s attractions to resorts and souvenir shops, there is plenty to see and do here for kids and adults alike.

Santa Claus Office

This is one of the main attractions of the park. This is the place where you get to meet Santa Claus. The brightly lit tall tower marks the wonderful office. While the queue is long to meet the white-bearded, lovable Santa Claus, the magical pathways taking you through the building make it all worth it. Small doors and windows lead to workshops where toys are made by elves - sheer delight for kids. When you finally reach Mr Claus, you are allowed five minutes to interact with him. You will have to pay to click pictures and take videos; meeting him is free.

Santa Claus Post Office

This is the official post office of Santa Claus in Finland. This is the place you can visit to post letters and postcards to your loved ones straight from the North Pole. It is a great experience for kids as they share tales with family and friends back home. Postcard and stamps are available for purchase here.

Reindeer Sleigh Ride

All the Christmas movies you have watched, stories you have read have made you fall in love with the reindeers who bring Santa to deliver the gifts, isn’t it? You can enjoy an actual Reindeer Sleigh Ride at the Santa Claus Village! The reindeer rides take you through the stunning snow-covered surrounding forests as you immerse in the true spirit of Christmas.

Snowman World Winter Zone

Snowman Wonder Winter Zone is an ice playground! You can ice skate, ride ice slides, build a snowman and more here. There is also an ice bar and ice restaurant to visit. You can play here, click lots of pictures with ice sculptures and revisit your childhood when here.

Northern Lights

While this is not exclusive to Santa Claus Village, an article about Finland is incomplete without mentioning the Northern Lights! The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, a natural light display in the sky that you should see at least once in a lifetime. It can be seen in Rovaniemi and other parts of Lapland from mid-August until early April. You can see them later at night. They can last for a few minutes or a couple of hours too if you are lucky.

A trip to this wonderland can be made possible this December with a loan for travel. Make it a Christmas you will never forget! A travel loan from Tata Capital can make your wish come true. Get a travel loan up to Rs 25 lakh with minimal documentation. Check your travel loan eligibility now.

Pack your warm clothes and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in Finland. Let a Tata Capital travel loan take care of the rest.

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