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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > 5 Things to Look Out For in 2023 When You are Checking into a Hotel

Loan for Travel

5 Things to Look Out For in 2023 When You are Checking into a Hotel

5 Things to Look Out For in 2023 When You are Checking into a Hotel

Did you get your travel loanapproved, and your much-awaited trip is finally in the works? As exciting as this is, since travelling in the post-pandemic era is different from before, creating a checklist of things to do can ensure your safety. 

A majority of resorts and hotels are undertaking health protocols issued by the WHO to provide a hygienic and safe stay during the pandemic. However, before you venture into your accommodation and take a room, here are the top five things to look out for when you check into the hotel in 2023.

Compulsory Post-Covid Safety Measures

To keep visitors safe from the virus, most hotels now conduct sanitized arrivals. While you can note this beforehand when researching hotels and their safety measures, it’s also important to actually look for them. Your hotel must have hand-sanitizing stations, social distancing signs, and reminders about wearing and disposing of masks throughout the accommodation.

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Contactless Communications

Now that social distancing is the norm, hotels are quickly adopting contact-less communication. Digital payments, electronic kiosks, no-touch elevators, and disposable room key-cards have become quite the trend. These allow visitors to avoid the common touch-points in the hotel.

Thus, when it comes to things to do while check in the hotel, you must keep an eye out for contactless hospitality services to ensure Covid-free travel.

Has Your Room Been Sanitized?

One of the crucial tips on checking in procedure of hotelis confirming your room’s cleanliness. You can ask the hotel’s help desk if your room has been sanitized or not. You can also look out for official room seals indicating that your room hasn’t been accessed after being sanitized.

Check for the Post-Covid-19 Toiletries

While most hotels provide complimentary toiletries like soap and shampoo, nowadays, you must look for hand hygiene products, disinfectants, cleaning wipes, face masks, and sanitizers while checking in.  Even if you’re in for a quick stay, make sure you receive the hotel’s toiletries relevant to post-pandemic travel.

Mobile Check-Ins

You must also watch out for mobile check-ins, which several hotels are now adopting to avoid face-to-face interactions between customers and hotel staff. Since most accommodations have a website today, you can see if they offer a mobile checking-in option online, use the hotel’s app, or ask the helpdesk directly.

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Hotels are regularly upgrading their hospitality procedures in compliance with travel restrictions and social distancing norms. To pick the right hotel which ensures a safe and comfortable stay for you during the pandemic, refer to our check-in checklist.

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