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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Check Out Which Type of Accommodation Suits Your Vacation

Loan for Travel

Check Out Which Type of Accommodation Suits Your Vacation

Check Out Which Type of Accommodation Suits Your Vacation

The type of accommodation you choose for your vacation will depend on various factors, like the purpose of the travel plan, the company you are with, your budget, and so on. Let’s look at the possible types of accommodation you can choose from for your next vacation:


The best thing about couch surfing is that it is a concept that promotes free stay among tourists. More than an accommodation, it becomes a way of meeting new people, becoming friends by staying at their place or hosting them, learning about new cultures, languages and traditions. Couch surfing and similar concepts are gaining popularity through online platforms and forums dedicated to bringing together fellow “couch surfers”.

You have to be an independent trip planner to couch surf; you are unlikely to find this type of accommodation convenient if you are travelling with family or in groups.


For a budget vacation planner, hostels are an affordable option. Hostels can have private rooms or have multiple bunks/beds in the same room. There is limited privacy in hostel rooms/dormitories, but they often do have common areas, shared kitchen space, dining halls etc. The facilities available in hostels will vary from place to place.


Like couch surfing, you get to stay with a local person or family in a homestay. And so, it also gives you an insight into the place’s cultures and traditions. Homestays can be regarded as couch surfing experiences with a fee or a hotel with a personal and local touch. The facilities are often basic and are the same that the host uses. However, most homestays do offer bed and breakfast facilities.

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Service Apartment

A serviced apartment gives you the experience of staying in a hotel but is gentle on the budget. Serviced apartments are often nicely furnished with all modern amenities that you generally get in most hotels. Business travellers with a longer itinerary would find a service apartment near their office very convenient.

Rented Accommodation

Similar to service apartments, you get an apartment or a house for yourself on rent in rented accommodation. It is less standardised in terms of amenities as compared to service apartments and a journey planner using them chooses them for their location or positive reviews, rather than facilities.


Hotels or variations thereof, like motels and resorts, are expensive options, but also the most readily available and popular ones too. There is a lot of variety, and you can go for affordable ones if you are on a budget trip or expensive ones if you want to enjoy all the luxuries money can buy. Any travel guide or tour guide can advise you on this category.

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If you wish to choose hotels as your accommodation and budget is a constraint; fund your travel expenses with travel loan from Tata Capital. Whatever be your choice of accommodation, hope you have a pleasant stay on your next vacation.

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