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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Different Funding Options Available to Fund Your Dream Vacation

Loan for Travel

Different Funding Options Available to Fund Your Dream Vacation

Different Funding Options Available to Fund Your Dream Vacation

There are many ways that a wanderlust uses to fund his or her travel plan. If you want to fulfil your dream of a perfect vacation, but aren’t sure how you will ever arrange the money required for it, these tips are meant just for you. Take a look:

Have a separate bank account for travel

Having a dedicated bank account to save for your holiday trip planner brings in discipline to your finances. The simplest thing you can do is set an automatic payment into that account and leave the accumulated fund undisturbed until you hit the road. This is also the place where you deposit any unexpected income or profit so that it doesn’t get spent recklessly.

Set financial goals

Since it is your dream vacation, you must have already researched regarding the ticket price, stay duration, places to visit etc. It will be wise to gauge how much each of these will cost so that you can arrive at the total cost. Accordingly, you should give yourself a series of targets which you should aim to achieve. By setting goals in terms of funds accumulated and time taken, you will be able to save the required fund within the desired time.

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Look for an additional source of income

To make sure that your dream vacation doesn’t affect your day to day finances, you can look for an additional source of income. By taking a part-time job or making some money through freelance opportunities, you can arrange the funds for your next travel.

Sell unused belongings

You can get rid of belongings that you never use and use the receipts to finance your vacation. Look around in your attic or garage for things that you no longer need but can get you decent money in the second-hand market.

Use credit card advantage

Credit cards can be of great use, particularly in covering your airfare. Many credit cards give out offers and frequent flier miles as well as gifts and cashback. Any travel guide or vacation planner will tell you; frequent flier miles can even get you a free ticket!

Watch your expenses

You can never save enough if you are not careful with your regular expenses. Track your expenditure regularly and identify the areas where you are spending unnecessarily. For example, try to reduce utility bills and eliminate wasteful spending, and you will be able to save a portion of your monthly budget every month.

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Opt for a travel loan

Personal loan for travel is also an option to make your dream vacation a reality. Apply for a travel loan from Tata Capital to avail benefits such as attractive interest rates, flexible payment options, etc., and embark upon a journey you always dreamed of.

Besides, while on vacation, make sure you don’t spend a lot of money on the services of a tour guide/tourist guide. Instead, explore on your own and rely on local networks and the itinerary planner you have created. By using these tips, you can not only fund your dream vacation but also become an expert trip planner - the resident trip organiser for your friends and family!

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