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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Check out the Rules for Air Travel in Post Pandemic World

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Check out the Rules for Air Travel in Post Pandemic World

Check out the Rules for Air Travel in Post Pandemic World

The pandemic had led to a long-term shutdown of most industries and the worst sufferers were travel and hospitality industries. Now that air travel is slowly resuming, business  travelers and holidayers alike are excited to break the long-drawn travel slump. However, let’s not forget that flights after lockdown are not going to be the same as before.

As we all know, the Coronavirus spreads through contact and international travel is a huge risk. However, the world is getting used to the ‘new normal’ and learning to co-exist with the dangerous virus instead of bowing down and succumbing to it. After all, we cannot afford for economies and societies to collapse. We have also developed a lot of coping mechanisms for Covid, which will make travel after lockdown much safer and more hygienic. Here are some examples.

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Examples of measures taken by international airlines and airports

  • European airline Ryanair prohibited queues for toilets during flights by making toilet access available individually upon request.
  • Delta Airlines has put up sanitizers at check-in counters, security stations, and baggage counters, and have been disinfecting jet bridges, gates, and employee stations.
  • Flight attendants in a lot of airlines such as Qatar Airways, AirAsia, and Philippines Airlines have started wearing hazmat suits and a lot more flights after lockdown are being expected to see the same measure being adopted.
  • US airlines such as United, American, and Southwest Airlines have improved cleaning programs with HEPA filters which extract viruses and microbes from cabin air.
  • Delta Airlines is even sanitizing overhead bin handles, aircraft lavatories, tray tables, and seat-back screens prior to every flight. They have also adopted HEPA filters, cutting back on cabin service, and temporary blocking of middle seats.
  • Singapore Airlines and Air France perform extra temperature checks after the airport authorities.
  • Incheon International Airport in Seoul has disinfection rounds for the halls along with regular temperature checks.
  • Heathrow in London is testing thermal screening.
  • Vienna Airport offers a paid Coronavirus test to arriving and departing travellers for $210.
  • United Airlines had plans to restrict travellers who fail to follow the mask rule for a long period of time. This might get even stricter in flights after lockdown.
New Rules for Air Travel

Before you begin to scout for the right travel loan and plan your next much-needed adventure, keep in mind these rules put in place by Indian authorities already for ongoing domestic air travel.

How Indian passengers will travel after lockdown in flights

  1. Web check-ins are mandatory. You will have to print your boarding pass, baggage tags, and identification numbers beforehand and take them to the airport.
  2. You must reach the airport at least 2 hours before the departure time. There is also an advisory to use only authorised cabs and make sure that they are adequately disinfected.
  3. Wear masks, gloves, and other protective gear before stepping out of the cab. Make sure that you have your baggage tags, boarding pass, and Aarogya Setu status ready for inspection at the gate.
  4. Once you exit the taxi, walk to one of the thermal screening stations and get your Aarogya Setu status checked. A self-declaration form is also required.
  5. If your Aarogya Setu status displays ‘red’ or you show Coronavirus symptoms, you won’t be permitted to enter the airport terminal. The app is not needed for children below 14 years of age.
  6. After all verifications, you can proceed to the baggage counter where you will have to provide your PNR through a glass shield.
  7. You will then receive your baggage tags and attach them to your sanitized bags. Instead of a physical receipt, you will receive one via SMS. The entire process of checking in and dropping your baggage must be finished 60 minutes before departure.
  8. Staff at the security check will follow minimum contact as well.
  9. Follow all sanitization and social distancing rules around food stores and other stalls around the departure areas. All kinds of bio-waste such as gloves, tissues, masks must be disposed properly in designated bins.
  10. Don’t forget to collect the safety kit with 3-layered surgical masks, sanitizers, and face shields whenever you travel after lockdown.

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It might sound stressful but you’re already following a lot of these measures in everyday life as well. There’s isn’t actually a lot that’ll be new about travel after lockdown. Plus, the sheer joy of being able to move out of the geographical borders of your city/town itself will make the new rules a breeze to follow. If financing your trip is the only worry on your mind, you can always pick a convenient travel loan through Tata Capital’s Personal Loan options. This travel loan will give you benefits such as tenures extending upto 72 months, online application, and a quick, flexible process.

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