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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > 5 Amazing Historical Sites you must Visit in Greece

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5 Amazing Historical Sites you must Visit in Greece

5 Amazing Historical Sites you must Visit in Greece

Sun-kissed ancient ruins under a calm blue sky define Greece’s natural beauty. It comes as no surprise that tourists from all over the world head to Greece to be marveled by this cultural treasure chest. 

If the historic sanctums of Greece intrigue you too, plan a trip to this stunning country. A travel loan can cover all expenses leaving you to explore the cultural wonders of Greece. 

Here are five historical sites in Greece you must tick off your list with the help of a vacation loan: 

Acropolis, Athens 

One of the most recognized historical sites in the world, Acropolis is a very popular attraction. Its white marble pillars gleaming under the sun and slowly turning into a shade of pink as the sun begins to set is a sight to behold.

Acropolis is one of the earliest monuments of the Mycenaean Era and was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Property in 1987. Original sculptures and relics have been moved to the Acropolis Museum for restoration and preservation. 

Mystras, Sparta 

Home to the last Byzantine emperor, the city of Mystras, is now an abandoned medieval ruin in Greece. Spread over the slopes of Mount Taygetus, the ruins are watched over by lush orange and olive trees giving it a surreal look. 

Walk on the cobbled lanes lined with abandoned churches, monasteries, and palaces almost a century old. The hike to Mystras is moderately difficult but an experience worth the effort. A holiday loan can be your best bet if you don’t wish to use your savings for a holiday.

Akrotiri, Santorini 

Hidden within the beautiful whitewashed villages of Santorini are the ruins of Akrotiri. One of the most renowned Bronze Age settlements, Akrotiri, also known as the Greek Pompeii, was evacuated due to a volcanic eruption on the island. 

Charred with volcano ash, the ruins have been preserved with much care making it one of the most famous archeological sites in Europe. The setting is evocative, and the ruins display impressive evidence of the vibrant life that once was. 


Birthplace of the first Olympic games and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Olympia is one of Greece’s most poignant ruins. As you wander through the lanes of Olympia, you will witness the remains of what was once a vibrant city. 

Check out the magnificent temples dedicated to the Greek God Zeus, the famed Temple of Hera, and a stadium where jostling crowds once gathered to watch athletes compete for pride. Witness the ancient beauty of Olympia where the Olympic flame is still lit every year during the Olympic Games. Excited but concerned about expenses? A personal loan for travel is what you need.


On Mount Parnassus, sloping towards the Gulf of Corinth is Greece’s most influential historical site, Delphi. Just 180 kilometers northwest of Athens, the ruins of Delphi feature the much popular Sanctuary of Apollo. Lined with pillars and scattered trees, the hill leads to the remains of the Temple of Apollo. 

The sanctuary site also allows access to the Delphi Archeological Museum and the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia. 

Experience a delightful voyage through history at the birthplace of democracy, Greece. While you tour the ancient land, a personal loan from Tata Capital will ensure your expenses are taken care of hassle-free.

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