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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Best Place to Visit in Mumbai

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Best Place to Visit in Mumbai

Best Place to Visit in Mumbai

Ever wondered why Mumbai is called “The City of Dreams?” As the nation’s financial capital, this city has stood the test of time, welcoming millions on their conquest to fulfil their dreams.

With thousands of individuals, from all over the nation, pouring in every single day, the city has transformed into a melting pot of cultures and experiences. Be it the people, the extravagant choices of food, or the stunning architecture, Mumbai is the perfect destination to experience a glimpse of India.

Still unsure of whether you should visit Mumbai this holiday season? We are here to help you make a firm decision. Featuring a comprehensive list of the best places to visit in Mumbai, this article is guaranteed to rekindle your excitement.

Top places to visit in Mumbai

1. Marine Drive

Have you really visited Mumbai if you haven't wandered along the famous Marine Drive? This 3.6 km crescent-shaped boulevard embraces the Arabian Sea, making it one of the most sought-after places to visit in Mumbai. It offers the perfect view of the stretched horizon along with the breathtaking cityscape.

Although the golden hue of the sunset is truly a beauty to behold, when the night falls, the streetlights flicker on, twinkling like a string of pearls. Hence, the nickname “Queen’s Necklace.” With numerous street foods offering an array of delicacies, this place is the perfect spot to hang out with your loved ones and spend some leisurely strolls together.

2. Juhu Beach

Planning a short trip? Juhu has to be on the list of places to visit in Mumbai in 1 day. Juhu Beach is undoubtedly the heart and soul of Mumbai. This vast stretch of golden sand is filled with hustle and bustle throughout the year.

Fancy a horse ride along the shore? Or maybe a bite of some iconic Bombay street foods? Or maybe just a quiet evening where you can just chill and watch the waves – Juhu Beach offers a complete package. The best part– Juhu is Bollywood’s backyard! If you keep an eye out, you might spot some of your favourite celebrities taking a casual jog along the beach.

3. Gateway of India

If you consider yourself to be a history buff, then you cannot miss out on visiting the Gateway of India. Perched right at Apollo Bunder, overlooking the vast Arabian Sea, this massive archway was built during the British Raj to welcome King George V and Queen Mary.

When you visit this monument, you can almost feel the weight of history along with the gentle sea breeze. You can have a stroll around the structure and learn more about its rich history, or maybe take some snaps to commemorate your visits. This spot also serves as the “gateway” to the Ferry that can take you to the enchanting Elephanta islands.

4. Elephanta Caves

Looking for a unique place to visit in Mumbai? The answer lies in the enchanting Elephanta Caves. Hop on to the Ferry boat that starts from the Gateway of India and find yourself on the Island of Gharapuri, also known as Elephanta Islands.

The highlight of this island is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Elephanta Caves. Etched in the rocks is one of India’s glorious past. The caves display a series of stunning rock-carved structures, each paying tribute to the Hindu and Buddhist heritage. You will find numerous awe-inspiring sculptures of Lord Shiva, each with a unique story of its own. This incredible mix of cultural richness and natural beauty makes the Elephanta Caves one of the best places to visit in Mumbai.

5. Film City

Every year, hundreds of aspiring actors find themselves in the city of Mumbai. Their goal– get one shot to act at the big screen. The Film City is thereby the Mecca for such actors. If you also find yourself enthralled by the charm of Bollywood movies, consider spending some time at the Film City.

Nestled on the city's outskirts, it's a massive complex where dreams take shape and stories unfold. Imagine walking through the sets of some of Bollywood's biggest hits. With a guided tour, you get to peek behind the curtain. See where iconic scenes were shot, how elaborate sets are built, and maybe even catch a glimpse of a star or two!

6. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, located in Mumbai, India, is a sprawling oasis of biodiversity amidst the urban chaos. Spanning over 100 square kilometers, the park is renowned for its lush greenery, diverse flora, and fauna. Home to a myriad of species, including leopards, deer, and numerous bird species, the park provides a vital refuge for wildlife in the heart of the bustling city. It encompasses the ancient Kanheri Caves, an archaeological marvel featuring Buddhist rock-cut monuments and sculptures that date back to the 1st century BCE. The park serves as a recreational haven for city dwellers, offering trekking trails, serene lakes, and panoramic viewpoints. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is not only a natural treasure but also a significant historical and cultural site, contributing to Mumbai's unique blend of urban development and natural preservation.

To sum up

Packed with countless activities, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Whether it is a morning walk across the Juhu beach or a blissful evening stroll at the Gateway of India, Mumbai has something for everyone who visits this bustling city. Visiting this city will truly give you a feel of the real India.

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