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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Travel > Backpacking Essentials for a Trekking Trip to the Hills

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Backpacking Essentials for a Trekking Trip to the Hills

Backpacking Essentials for a Trekking Trip to the Hills

What should I pack for a trek? How will I carry my backpack to the hills? Which hiking accessories are essential? Should I buy the hiking accessories in advance? If you are planning a trekking trip to the hills and have these questions, we have you covered.

Here is a complete list of backpacking essentials for your trekking trip.

The Critical Tools

There are five crucial trekking equipment for hillsessential for navigating the paths well - a map, compass, altimeter (an instrument to measure any location’s altitude), GPS device, and a PLB (personal locator beacon). You can also carry a headlamp to keep your hands free for other activities like climbing or cooking and sunglasses for trekking during the day.

The Trusty Water Bottle

You should pack plenty of water without fail to stay hydrated throughout. Trekking is exhausting, and your body dehydrates quickly because, in cold temperatures, you don’t realize that you’re sweating continually and losing water. Thus, frequent sips from your water bottle will keep you fresh and ensure a smooth hiking experience.

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Carrying a Knife

On hiking trips, knives often prove to be one of the most vital trekking accessories, as you can use them for lighting a fire, preparing food, first aid, repairs, or even self-defence! A Swiss Knife is a popular choice amongst many trekkers as it’s like a multi-purpose toolset and always comes in handy while hiking.


Flashlights or torches are a lifesaver when trekking during the dark or even returning from a day’s hike amidst the hills. When you are a kilometre or two away from your camp and stuck in the pitch-black path, a torch can prove helpful to navigate properly and get to your camp safely. Hiking lights must be high-quality and durable. If you are worried about the expenses, finance your accessories with a travel loan.

Snacks and Munching Items

When trekking, you lose energy rapidly and often without anticipating. For such cases, it’s best to carry a small bag of munching items and snacks like some chocolates, dry fruits, nuts, biscuits, or even energy bars. They take less space and are convenient to carry as well.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a staple since the pandemic started. Similarly, when it comes to trekking, your hands repeatedly come into contact with dirt or unwanted spots while climbing. Using hand sanitizers will keep those germs away and not compromise your personal hygiene during your trip.

A Basic First-Aid Kit

A basic medical kit is a must-have when backpacking for treks. It can include antiseptic lotions, burn creams, bandages, ointments for bruises, bandaids, etc.

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Parting Thoughts

When you are heading out for a trek, the essentials mentioned above should be on your hiking checklist.

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