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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > How to Start a Toy Manufacturing Business?

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How to Start a Toy Manufacturing Business?

How to Start a Toy Manufacturing Business?

Are you passionate about bringing joy to children's lives? Do you have a knack for creativity and innovation? If so, starting a toy manufacturing business in India could be perfect for you. The Indian toy industry is experiencing remarkable growth, providing abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive.

According to a recent report, the Indian toy industry has made significant progress from FY 2014-15 to FY 2022-23. Imports have decreased substantially, while exports have soared by an impressive 239%. This growth is fueled by improvements in domestic toy quality and India's emergence as a top toy exporter, benefiting from global integration and duty-free access to key markets such as the UAE and Australia.

With a growing market for toys and games in the country, the time is ripe for aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into this industry. But where do you begin? This article will take you through the important steps to kickstart your toy manufacturing business in India, one of the promising Manufacturing Business Ideas.

1. Conduct proper market research

The first step in setting up a toy manufacturing business is to conduct comprehensive market research. Understand the prevailing market trends, consumer preferences, and the demand for different types of toys. Identify your target audience by age group and evaluate their needs and preferences. Also, research your competitors to discern their strengths and weaknesses. Gathering this information will help you to make well-informed decisions and craft products that align with the preferences of your target market.

2. Develop a business plan for your toy manufacturing business

A well-structured business plan serves as a roadmap for your toy manufacturing business, guiding your decisions and helping you secure funding and partnerships. Here’s what you should include in this plan:

- Determine whether you want to manufacture toys in-house or outsource production to third-party manufacturers.

- Develop a detailed business plan that outlines your objectives, marketing strategies, target market, financial projections, and operational plans.

- Decide on the appropriate legal structure for your business, such as a partnership, a sole proprietorship, a limited liability partnership (LLP), or a private limited company.

- Decide on the types of toys you want to manufacture, such as educational toys, board games, stuffed animals, or action figures.

3. Comply with regulations

The toy manufacturing business in India is governed by strict regulations to uphold product safety and quality standards. Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the relevant laws and regulations, such as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certifications, the Toys (Quality Control) Order, and the import-export policies. Compliance with these rules and regulations is important to avoid legal issues and guarantee the safety of children using your toys.

4. Choose a niche segment

Identify a niche within the toy market that resonates with your interests, expertise, and target audience. Whether it's educational toys, plush toys, wooden toys, or electronic toys, selecting a particular niche enables you to distinguish your products and address specific consumer needs. Conduct comprehensive market research to evaluate the demand for your chosen niche and pinpoint any gaps that you can address with your distinct offerings.

5. Secure funds for the toy manufacturing business

Starting a toy manufacturing business requires financial resources to cover various expenses, such as equipment, materials, and marketing.

One option to get adequate funds is to apply for small business loans from banks or NBFCs. These loans can provide substantial capital of up to Rs. 90 lakhs with favourable repayment terms to cover initial costs like machinery, raw materials, and hiring.

Another route is to seek startup funding from investors like venture capitalists, angel investors, or established companies in the toy or related industries. Pitch your business plan, product line, and growth potential convincingly to attract investment in exchange for equity.

6. Source raw materials

Once you have secured the funds, the next step in setting up a toy making business in India is to source high-quality materials to produce safe and durable toys.

For this, you must identify reliable suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials such as plastic, wood, fabric, electronics, and non-toxic paints. Establish strong relationships with suppliers to assure consistent quality and timely delivery of materials.

When selecting your suppliers, consider factors such as cost, reliability, and environmental sustainability. Additionally, conduct regular quality checks to maintain the integrity of your products and ensure they comply with safety standards.

7. Establish manufacturing facilities

Decide whether you want to set up your manufacturing facility or outsource production to third-party vendors. If you choose to establish your own facility, make sure you comply with all legal requirements, get necessary permits and licenses, and invest in the appropriate machinery and equipment. Alternatively, outsourcing production can be a cost-effective option, especially in the initial stages, allowing you to focus on product design and marketing.

8. Market your product

Marketing plays an essential role in the success of your toy manufacturing business. Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes:

- Branding: Create a memorable brand identity and logo that resonates with your target audience.

- Product packaging: Invest in attractive, eye-catching packaging that appeals to children and parents alike.

- Online presence: Build a robust online presence through a professionally designed website that showcases your products and brand story.

- Retail partnerships: Partner with toy stores, department stores, and online retailers to increase your product's visibility and reach.

- Leverage online marketplaces: Explore popular online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal to reach a broader customer base and increase your product visibility.

Final words

Starting a toy business in India requires dedication, careful planning, and a deep understanding of the market and regulatory environment.

Also, remember that the toy industry is constantly evolving. So, stay informed about the latest trends, technological advancements, and consumer preferences. Continuously innovate and adapt your products and strategies to align with the evolving demands of your target market.

If you need funds for your toy manufacturing business, turn to Tata Capital. We offer MSME loans of up to Rs. 90 lakhs, tailored to meet your immediate and long-term business requirements. With attractive interest rates, hassle-free application process and flexible repayment terms, we aim to support your business growth seamlessly.

To learn more about our business loans, visit the Tata Capital website or download the Tata Capital App.

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