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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Top 5 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for 2022

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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for 2022

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for 2022

Are you an eco-minded entrepreneur? If yes, then you’re probably always on the search for environmentally sound production methods. Given that environmental sustainability along with profitability is your priority, several business ideas don’t work for you.

You need something that can be done digitally and with renewable resources only. So, if you're searching for green business ideas that can quickly turn profitable, consider the following five ideas.

5 business ideas that don’t hurt the environment

1. Online publication business

India is a young country where most youngsters prefer reading content on handheld devices. Be it online newspapers, blog sites, or forums, all of them have thousands of subscribers and counting.

You, too, can start your online publication medium that primarily covers unique environmental publications. Through this, you can evoke people’s collective conscience towards protecting the planet and also make money through subscriptions and ads.

2. Ink refilling business

A unique eco-friendly business idea, ink refilling, can earn you profits and help the environment. Sure, it would be great if people stopped taking printouts altogether, but until that happens, you can empower them to reuse old plastic cartridges by refilling them.

Through this business, you will reduce non-biodegradable waste, which would’ve otherwise accumulated in some garbage dump.

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3. Solar panel business

Several homes and business owners have already installed solar panels on their properties, and many others are expected to follow suit. If you already know about this business venture or are interested in starting it, now is indeed the best time.

However, getting into the solar panel business requires a significant initial investment. Fortunately, it's nothing a business loan can’t cover.

4. Upcycled furniture

Starting a venture that creatively recycles used furniture into new pieces is both profitable and eco-friendly. Launching an upcycled furniture store is not that difficult, even if you're not a furniture designer.

You can always source recycled pieces at affordable prices and sell them at a mark-up. Know that upcycled furniture is all the rage for environment conscious as well as vintage furniture buyers. What's more, this type of furniture sells fast, as it's reasonable to procure.

5. Compost business

Believe it or not, the garbage in your kitchen is actually a gold mine because it's the primary source of compost. And composting is used avidly to fertilise and condition soil.

Starting a composting business requires nominal capital investment to create a few composting beds. All you need to do is meet the business loan eligibility conditions. After which, you sell them to food processing companies, organic farmers, and organisations that deal with diverse aspects of the agriculture industry.

Thanks to e-commerce, you can also market and sell compost bags online.

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The bottom line

Sustainable business practises are the only way forward, regardless of the product you sell. But, to start any venture, robust financing is a must. This is where Tata Capital can help! With our affordable business loan interest rates, flexible repayment tenures, and speedy processing, financing your venture will become possible.

So, don’t wait any longer. Check our eligibility criteria, evaluate your potential instalments using our business loan EMI calculator, and apply today!

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