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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Top 10 Small Business Ideas

Loan for Business

Top 10 Small Business Ideas

Top 10 Small Business Ideas

Imagine you are enjoying your evening walk, thinking about how your day went. So many thoughts come rushing to your mind about how you spend your day, what activities you invest the most of your time in, etc. Then it just strikes you that prioritization can better manage some tasks in less time. Next, you wonder if there is any other business you can pursue to earn an extra income. Sometimes, all it can take to think of an excellent business idea is a random but profound thought. With some planning and preparation, we could consider a business to supplement your income, or you can be your full-time boss. To help you decide, here are some of the small business ideas that may change the game and work for you.

Bed and Breakfast Owner

Food and shelter are the most critical needs for humanity. Bed and Breakfast is a small inn with about 4 to 20 rooms at an affordable price that satisfies guests' needs. A small amount of land and a small group of workers are needed to build a similar business. Post-pandemic, these small inns are very in high demand. These are also frequently used by tourists, business travellers, couples, etc. The owner lives on-site to interact and provide a homely atmosphere for the visitors; this attracts more visitors as words go on among people. It can help to increase the guests and profits.

Online Class Instructor

Due to the pandemic, all the offline classes were turned online to stay at a safe distance. Online courses help students to concentrate on their studies by avoiding disturbances in class. Being an online tutor could put your education, experience, and skills to help students individually and help students thrive in academics, which will help you expand your business. Finding students can be easy as tutoring is needed at all levels of education, from elementary to college. As new concepts in all fields are rising rapidly, the need for online instructors is in demand, making this business idea very profitable.


E-Commerce businesses have become speedy, growing and profitable. Due to the pandemic and lockdown, people were not allowed to go out of their houses to purchase things like clothes, restaurant food, etc. During these times, E-Commerce businesses became very popular among people; food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, etc., were profitable during the pandemic. 70% of people who have used e-commerce once prefer them over traditional commerce. People usually buy daily use products and many other things daily. Hence, E-Commerce is a fast-growing and profitable business in this modern world filled with ever-growing technology.

Delivery Business

Delivery businesses like Dunzo, BlinkIt, etc., are fast-growing businesses responsible for making every person’s life a little easier and better. These particular businesses are responsible for delivering or transporting a specific thing from one location to another location. The employees for these businesses are people who have other daily jobs and do these as part-time jobs. Some people are full-time employees in these businesses. These businesses are advantageous for people of old age or people who cannot get their things due to any unprecedented needs.

Web Development

Web Development is another fast-growing business nowadays. Web Development is the process involved in creating or developing a website that will assist you in the task you need to perform. Every business or company requires a website to share information about their business. Based on this, there is a steady growth in web development businesses. Nowadays, many students/interns are developing websites for part-time jobs. So, web development is a highly profitable and fast-growing business. There are many advantages to hiring a web development company; they will save you time; they are reliable; the website would be better and works faster than other websites created by them.

Child Care

Most parents nowadays are all working parents, which raises the problem of their children’s care. Here is where daycare for children plays a vital role. Children’s daycares are home care centres where children are tutored about life values and also academics. Usually, children from the age group of 3-12 years attend daycare centres. Children learn about human values at daycare centres and have fun by playing around. Child care is a fast-growing business as many working parents depend on daycares to nurture their children early. So to make a childcare business successful, we need to trust each other, that is, the parents and the teachers. They also have to take care of nurturing the child under their care. 

Fitness Centers

Starting a fitness program can be a heavy lift and rewarding simultaneously, as you help people achieve fitness levels and keep them healthier. People nowadays are becoming aware of the importance of health. So we often see people turn towards fitness centres when it comes to being fit. There are many options for fitness centres like yoga, powerlifting, Zumba, and spin classes, which give various options for the people and attract them as it feels interesting. Now the fitness equipment is available for a second buy, which helps start the business with small investments.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a very trending business idea as everyone is health conscious post-pandemic. It is a very thoughtful way of contributing to society and mother earth. Organic farming is a type of farming where it is site-specific, and all biological and mechanical processes are followed, which does not affect nature and helps in maintaining ecological balance. Starting organic farming from a piece of land by growing raw vegetables is a perfect start within minimum requirements to sell from a few houses and move slowly to help grow to sell into a bigger market. The goods can be sold even more quickly on online platforms, attracting more target audiences and making more profit. Thus, organic farming is a unique business idea.

Career Counselling

A career counselling job is one of the emerging business paths in India. Before, there were problems of having a lack of careers, but now the problem is not lack of options but awareness of the most suitable one. Many people are graduating yet don’t know which job to opt for; this is a place where a small consultancy business would be very profitable and grow faster.  The consultancy companies are the best ones to decide your career by calculating and analysing the person’s bio-data and determining the best job possible.

Medical Supplies

Due to the recent spread of the covid-19 virus, the requirements of different medical equipment are in demand. Equipment like masks, PPE kits and disposable gloves were in very much during the pandemic. Doctors still need this equipment during different surgeries and research despite the pandemic. Other than doctors needing them, even ordinary people play a massive part in this market. Due to the pandemic, wearing masks in every location prone to coronavirus had become necessary. Many people established medical supplies companies to take advantage of the available market. Hence, the medical supply business is considered a profitable business.


To conclude, small businesses are one of the fastest growing and more profitable ones. Therefore, there is an excellent opportunity for everyone to invest their heart and soul in a business they believe in. To fulfil the requirement of finance & capital, you can apply for a business loan.

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