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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Top 10 Small Business Ideas In India

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Top 10 Small Business Ideas In India

Top 10 Small Business Ideas In India

Establishing any business – large or small - is about generating ideas and turning those ideas into reality. A unique idea can help build a profitable business even with low investment. Anyone wanting to become an entrepreneur should follow Swami Vivekananda’s famous quote on taking up one idea and making that one idea their life. The Covid-19 pandemic that wreaked havoc on India's public health and economy made people reshuffle their priorities. Still, the pandemic had a silver lining. It saw many small business ideas in India seeing the light of day, mainly due to people looking for alternate sources of income. Many people even carried out small business ideas from home in India, like food delivery services during the pandemic.

With the pandemic restrictions lifted and the government’s push for the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbar’ initiatives, small-scale business ideas in India have never had it better. Though there is a boom in the entrepreneurship landscape in the country, beginners may still find starting a small-scale business in India overwhelming.

There is no dearth of small business ideas in India. However, most beginners do not have the capital or knowledge about how to start a business. Starting any smallest business in India would require the correct type of ideas and guidance to make it profitable. Few unique and good small business ideas in India are presented in this article to help beginners find the right business trajectory.

10 Best Small Business Ideas In India

1. Digital Marketing

Digital technology has taken the world by storm, especially during the pandemic. Key digital marketing small-scale business ideas in India include search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, content marketing, vlogging, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) and mobile marketing. The growth of online businesses has increased the demand for online marketing content. For instance, affiliate marketing is one of the smallest business ideas in India where no investment is required, and through which one can earn a commission for promoting their client’s products. Digital savvy individuals with a knack for SEO, marketing and social media management can consider the digital market as it has low investment and high returns.

2. Freelance Content Writing/Development

Today, quality content rules the roost thanks to technology and changing consumer preferences. So, one of the best smallest business ideas in India that can be considered is freelance content writing or content development. Anyone with a flair for creative writing and who is passionate about writing can become a freelance content writer without the need for much investment. All you need is a laptop/desktop and a good internet connection. Many companies or online websites need content writers/developers to create articles, whitepapers, ebooks and the like. By establishing a network, freelancers can work for such organizations remotely from their homes. Also, writers who possess domain-specific knowledge about travel, fashion, food, etc., can even start their blogs. Though this business may take some time to find traction, it is still one of the most scalable small business ideas from home in India for beginners.

3. Drop shipping Business

Starting a drop shipping business is another excellent small business idea in India. A drop shipping business involves building an e-commerce website wherein other people can sell their products. The drop shipping business provides a good commission for every sale via its website.  As shipping happens from the manufacturer’s end, there is no need to worry about storing stock. To deliver the products, one needs to find a reliable supplier who will deliver directly to customers. Suppliers get paid when customers pay, so it is a less risky business.

4. Consultant

Another great small business idea from home in India is starting a consultancy business. People with good work experience and who have established themselves in the industry can consider becoming a consultant. The corporate world wants experienced people across various fields, including marketing, finance, and HR. So, there are many options for consultants. They may also get to work flexibly. Any business expansion can be quickly done through business loans.

5. Online Education/Tutoring

The pandemic led to a paradigm shift in education. Though offline schools have resumed post-lifting pandemic restrictions worldwide, there is still significant demand for online education, especially for international students. People who are subject knowledge experts, love teaching, and are digitally savvy can consider online coaching or developing an online course. It is an excellent small business idea from home in India for earning decent revenues.

6. Baking Business

The availability of affordable internet coupled with the pandemic has seen a stark increase in remote working and remote business operations. For conducting a small-scale business in India, there is no need to have a brick-and-mortar establishment. A person can operate an online baking business even from their home. A bakery business is one of the most profitable small businesses in India, as Indians are known to have a sweet tooth and always look out for varieties in their desserts. So, the baking business will always be in demand.

7. Event Planning

The world is slowly returning to welcoming weddings, parties and corporate events to pre-pandemic ways. So, the demand for event planners is set to rise. Anyone with a knack for organizing events or parties can establish an event planning business. They can cater to a particular segment like wedding planning or choose to host various events. The best part about such small business ideas in India is the low investment requirement. However, an event planner must have a robust contact database to cater to client demands.

8. Freelance Coding/App Development

Another lucrative small business idea from home in India is coding/app development. With technology constantly evolving and organizations looking to boost productivity, a good coder or app developer adds immense value to a team. A software engineer who wants to become an entrepreneur and has the required software development skills can become a freelance coder or app developer. Various freelancing sites also accept outsourced app development or coding work, creating a great demand for the role.

9. Cloud Kitchen

An individual who loves cooking can consider the in-vogue cloud kitchen business. Setting up a cloud kitchen is one of the smallest businesses in India. Though this idea involves initial capital investment, its popularity has soared since the beginning of the pandemic and the subsequent need to maintain social distancing norms. Also, a cloud kitchen owner can tie up with food-delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato to ensure seamless last-mile delivery.

10. Fitness/Yoga Instructor

The pandemic saw people shift to a healthier lifestyle. The fitness industry in India slumped during the lockdown owing to the closure of fitness centers. However, online fitness or yoga training is slowly picking up once again, mainly due to people working from home and becoming more health conscious. This small business idea is excellent if a person is a certified nutritionist, yoga instructor, or trainer, as they get paid well. Now, with celebrities also endorsing fitness and yoga, this business is here to stay.


Whether a person is looking for new business opportunities or an alternate source of income, getting the right kind of small business ideas in India is key to their success. A small business idea like freelance content writing, digital marketing, or online coaching may require low investment, have fewer upfront costs, and generate more profits. However, other small businesses like drop shipping, event planning, bakery, and cloud kitchen need initial capital.

As small businesses expand, one may move to a bigger space and hire more people to continue operating a profitable business. Funding is no longer an issue as there are now credible lenders like Tata Capital, who also offer online loans. Tata Capital provides business loans at attractive interest rates. The business loans will help small entrepreneurs in realizing their entrepreneurship goals. For more details on business loans, visit the Tata Capital website.

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