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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Top 10 AI Business Ideas to Watch in 2023

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Top 10 AI Business Ideas to Watch in 2023

Top 10 AI Business Ideas to Watch in 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) can perform accurate analyses, make error-free decisions, and even take over a lot of mundane tasks. All at a fraction of the cost it takes to employ a human professional.

As an entrepreneur, this is perhaps why you’re considering starting an AI-driven business in 2023.

Looking for artificial intelligence business ideas for your next startup? Here are the top ten you should know about.

10 AI startup ideas

1. Cybersecurity startup

Companies are increasingly providing customers with personalised services in exchange for personal data. Such data is stored on the cloud, and it has a high chance of being stolen by hackers or cyber criminals.

While professionals might find it challenging to keep up with new techniques cyber criminals adopt, AI can do it quickly. It can handle large volumes of data and even identify unknown threats with sufficient training.

Safe to say, as cyberattacks rise, the demand for cheap and reliable cybersecurity services will increase. Starting an AI-driven cybersecurity startup in such an environment will bring enormous success.

2. Healthcare startup

Second, on our list of artificial intelligence business ideas is a healthcare startup.

Telehealth is slowly becoming mainstream. Patients can now receive top-notch medical care remotely and promptly. And AI can help with this.

Doctors can do away with employing staff to monitor patients. Instead, they can use AI tools. They can use AI to make accurate diagnoses and can even outsource primary care for mild illnesses to bots.

3. Logistics and supply chain startup

Next on our AI startup ideas list is an AI-driven logistics startup. And here’s why you should consider it.

Businesses in the transportation sector are looking for ways to streamline their supply chain. All while reducing fuel costs and minimising emissions.

AI logistics services can help businesses develop optimal routes and reduce miles travelled. The best part? Companies need not ask their employees to devote extra time to such activities.

This is why AI-driven logistics startups will become more popular with time. Thinking of starting one? A business loan can help you with the set-up costs.

4. Entertainment startup

Reports suggest that users spend up to half of their time on social media on their mobile devices. And this figure will only increase with time.

Social media companies will increasingly need tools to determine user preferences and trends. In addition, they will need new ways to keep users engaged and satisfied. AI can help with all of this.

Additionally, AI startups will be booming, offering image recognition and feature voice tools for recreational purposes. Given all these reasons, you should consider building an AI-driven entertainment startup today.

5. Home management startup

Working from home during the pandemic forced people to take a better look at their own homes. As a result, many took home management into their own hands during this time. But with offices opening up, finding the time for home management has become difficult.

AI-enabled smart home startups that simplify home management are expected to take over soon. Naturally, starting an AI-powered startup is an excellent way to go about it if you're looking to enter the home management space.

6. Marketing consultancy startup

As new small businesses crop up, existing ones will struggle to stand out. They will look for ways to market their products and services on a budget.

An AI-powered marketing startup can help such businesses avail of top-notch marketing systems at a fraction of the cost. Such startups can help with strategy, analyses and provide actionable advice to improve brand awareness.

Can’t find an AI startup idea you like yet? Read on.

7. Personal shopping startup

Seventh, on our list of artificial intelligence business ideas is an AI-powered personal shopping startup.

Did you know buyers pay up to 34% more for products if offered a personalised experience? Retailers can provide shoppers exactly that by roping in an AI-driven personal shopping service.

Such a service would use AI to gauge customer preferences based on their past behaviours. And it would provide shopping suggestions based on them.

8. e-Recruitment automation startup

Another AI startup idea to consider is AI-based recruitment automation. Here’s why.

Companies spend copious amounts of time sorting CVs to find the right candidate for the job. AI can take over this time-consuming job.

As an AI-based recruitment automation startup, you can help companies quickly find the candidates they need at a fraction of the cost and a near-100% success rate.

9. e-Learning startup

Students are slowly realising the benefits of offering tailored learning programs. And soon, they will turn to AI-startups to help with it.

An AI-based e-learning startup will analyse study patterns and progress and develop customised learning programs based on an individual’s schedule. This helps them improve their skills and learn quickly.

10. AI content creation startup

Last on our list of artificial intelligence business ideas is an AI-powered content creation startup. And here’s why you should consider it.

Small businesses and brands will continue looking for original content in multiple formats to stand out in their niche. As an AI-powered content startup, you can provide them with exactly that on a budget.

You can use AI to generate content ideas, develop strategies, and create content quickly and effectively.

Found an AI startup idea you liked from our list? The next step after building your roadmap is looking for funding. And a business loan from Tata Capital can help you with it. We provide loans at some of the most affordable interest rates and flexible terms. Apply for one on our website now!

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