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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Explore Small Franchise Business Ideas in India

Loan for Business

Explore Small Franchise Business Ideas in India

Explore Small Franchise Business Ideas in India

In an expanding economy like India, the sky is the limit for a budding entrepreneur. Whether you're dreaming of owning your own food delivery business or a gym that gets your clients living their best lives, the Indian market is teeming with opportunities waiting to be explored.

What’s more, the franchise business in India is set to touch $ 140-150 billion in the next five years, making now the best time to throw your hat in the ring and explore a franchise business in India.

However, deciding what kind of small franchise business to open can be daunting. To help you with this, we have listed some of the most lucrative small franchise business ideas.

Read on to learn about the best low investment franchise business in India.

1. Food kiosk franchise

If you want to enter the food industry and gain valuable experience, starting a food kiosk franchise can be a great low-investment franchise business in India for you.

Many well-known food outlets offer food kiosk franchise opportunities. The initial investment is low and includes equipment, signage, inventory, and training costs.

However, make sure to select a suitable location for your food kiosk. Once your business gets off the ground and you have mastered the practical details of the food business, you can explore the option of starting your own food company.

2. Education franchise business

India has one of the largest aspirational student populations in the world. Many well-established education centres seek to expand their reach by offering franchises. If you have an academic background and a passion for imparting knowledge, you can consider starting an education franchise business with one of the established education and training centres.

The initial investment is low and would go towards obtaining space for holding classes. The established education centre would provide suitable course material and training. With a reputable name, you can expect student enrollments to increase quickly.

When you are ready to expand, you can get bigger class spaces and hire additional teachers to accommodate the increasing number of enrollments.

3. Wellness and beauty franchise business

The wellness and beauty industry covers a wide variety of businesses, such as beauty salons, nail salons and spas. This industry is predicted to witness significant growth driven by a large working population in the country and rising disposable incomes.

If you are looking for a low-risk, low investment franchise in India with quick returns, consider starting a wellness and beauty spa franchise business. Being trained as a beautician would be an added advantage. However, all reputed beauty businesses offer training as well if required.

You can start a beauty salon franchise from a room in your home. The brand would charge some fees for providing initial inventory, brand merchandise and training. Eventually, you can leverage the brand’s supply lines to get inventory at lower prices and increase profitability.

4. Digital marketing franchise business

In the internet age, digital marketing is necessary for any company. Businesses are increasingly investing in digital marketing for advertisement and growth. While it is a lucrative field, cracking into it is difficult for a newcomer as reputation holds a significant value.

To get a foothold in the digital marketing scene, starting a digital marketing franchise business is an excellent small franchise business in India. While training in digital marketing would go a long way, it is not a necessity.

With just a laptop, you can obtain the franchise of an established digital marketing house for a fee. Getting clients will not be difficult with a reputable brand backing you.

Make sure to keep yourself updated with the emerging marketing techniques to service your clients effectively.

5. Food delivery service franchise business

The number of people ordering food online has increased due to rising incomes, available options, and the associated convenience. To cater to the increasing demand, especially in medium and big cities, established food brands are offering food delivery franchises.

Starting a food delivery franchise business with a reputed brand is one of best franchise business ideas in India, with low investment and high returns. Your investment would include brand signage fee, vehicle rent or purchase cost, and office space costs.

The food delivery franchise of a reputable brand would come with a few benefits, such as a tested business model, an existing customer base and brand support in critical matters when required. All of these would help you get the business off the ground quickly and generate good profits.

6. Gym and fitness franchise business

The fitness industry is witnessing an unprecedented boom due to an increasing number of people investing in personal health and fitness. The demand for gyms and fitness centers is exploding in every city and the market is up for grabs.

However, starting a gym and fitness centre from scratch can be a high-risk, high-investment venture for a new entrepreneur. If you are looking to enter the fitness industry, a low investment option is starting a gym and fitness franchise business of a reputed fitness brand.

For this business, you would need to invest in some moderately sized space in a decent location and gym equipment like treadmills, bicycles etc. The established reputation and customer base of the brand would ensure steady enrollment and quick returns.

7. Event management franchise business

Both people and corporations are increasingly employing event management companies to make their events or celebrations memorable.

The competition in the event management industry is high, and newcomers often struggle to get a foothold. However, buying the franchise of a reputed event management company is a low-risk, low-investment route to entering the industry and reaping good returns.

Your major investment would include brand fees, employee costs, and office space costs. You can leverage the management experience of the brand along with your own skills to create your own unique event management style.

Final thoughts

This brings us to the end of the list of small franchise businesses in India. After deciding upon a franchise business idea, you might be wondering about your funding options. While you can invest your savings into your new business, why not explore business loans instead?

Tata Capital’s multipurpose business loans come with flexible repayment schedules, attractive business loan interest rates and minimum business loan documents required. Additionally, Tata Capital’s instant loan approval ensures no unwanted delay in getting your business off the ground.

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