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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Small Business Ideas in Mumbai for Ladies

Loan for Business

Small Business Ideas in Mumbai for Ladies

Small Business Ideas in Mumbai for Ladies

Starting a business requires three things- a business idea, opportunity, and funding.

Mumbai has a population with high disposable income, and people are more willing to try out new products and services. So, setting up a business as a woman entrepreneur is easier here.

Struggling with financing? Apply for a business loan. Most lenders even offer special loan terms for women business owners to help set up their businesses.

The last thing you need to start a business is a viable business idea. And if you don’t have one on hand, here are a few from our vault to help you out.

Zumba studio

The first in our list ofsmall business ideas for ladies in Mumbaiis a Zumba studio. If you didn’t know, Mumbaikars would spend a large chunk of money every month on weekly Zumba classes to get their body moving and have fun. This is why starting a Zumba studio in Mumbai is a good business idea. Besides, all you need to do is get a professional Zumba certification and rent out a studio space to get started.

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Home-based catering business

If you have a knack for cooking, why not start your own catering business? The young, health-conscious, white-collar population in Mumbai will pay well for nutritious home-cooked meals and the best part? You can find orders virtually anywhere.

Keen on starting a home-based catering business? Then you might have to invest in packaging, licenses, and delivery services. But that’s no reason for worry because you can rely on business finance to cover these costs. Lenders even offer loans at affordable business loan interest rates to make loan repayments easier for you.

Salon and spa

Another one on this list of small business ideas in Mumbai for ladies is a spa and salon. Open these anywhere in the city, and you’ll never have a dry business. The reason? You will always have customers for at least one of your services.

However, setting up a salon and spa in Mumbai has plenty of associated costs. You not only need to rent a space but also buy the necessary products and equipment and hire trained staff.

You can secure business finance to cover all these costs comfortably. Besides, you can choose a repayment plan that works with your finances. Need help deciding a loan plan? Use an online business loan EMI calculator.

Fashion boutique

Mumbai has a fairly active fashion-conscious population. So, setting up a fashion boutique can be a good business idea if you have a good sense of trends and some design experience.

If you’re opening a fashion boutique, you need to establish your business where the demand for unique clothing is high. Additionally, you will have to pay for rent, skilled labour, and material costs too. Thankfully, business finance can take care of all these business expenses.

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Once you select a business idea from this list, all you need is a business plan and financing to get started.

Tata Capital can help you out with affordable business financing. Benefit from attractive interest rates and flexible repayment terms with us and achieve all your business dreams.

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