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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > What is the Seed Money Scheme?

Loan for Business

What is the Seed Money Scheme?

What is the Seed Money Scheme?

Approximately 6.3 crore MSMEs operate in India, contributing to around 30% of the country's GDP. However, only 3.8 crore MSMEs have access to formal credit or small business loans. To fill this gap, the Government of Maharashtra has introduced the Seed Money Scheme (SMS).  

SMS scheme provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the capital they need to establish their dream business. It is aimed at the state's unemployed population, motivating them to explore self-employment opportunities. 

Join us as we explain the benefits of the SMS scheme and you through its eligibility criteria.

Overview of the Seed Money Scheme in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government's Seed Money Scheme (SMS) is a part of the Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP). The scheme provides seed money or capital to entrepreneurs in the form of business loans that they can use to meet part of the margin money required to get financing from lending institutes.

The Seed Money Scheme in Maharashtra is offered through the District Industries Centre (DIC). Its core objective is to motivate the state's unemployed population to generate income through self-employment ventures in industry, service, and business. 

Scope of the Seed Money Scheme

Here are some key provisions of the Seed Money Scheme:

1. The SMS scheme provides seed capital for projects with costs up to Rs. 25 lakhs for industry, service and business activity.

2. Under this scheme, an unemployed person can get funds of up to 15% of the project cost approved by financial institutions.

3. For projects costing up to Rs. 10 lakhs, the assistance ranges up to 15% for the General category and 20% for SC/ST and OBC/NT/VT/Handicapped up to 20%.

4. The maximum amount of the seed money component you can avail of under this scheme is Rs. 3.75 lakhs.

5. The scheme offers bank loans of up to 75% of the project cost. 

6. The interest rate on seed money is 6%.

7. If the borrower repays the loan instalment regularly and within the stipulated period, they will be eligible for a rebate of 3% on the interest. So, the borrower only has to pay 3% interest.

8. For industry cases, the bank loan's repayment tenure starts after three years, and the loan must be repaid in four yearly instalments. In other cases, repayment begins six months after the loan is sanctioned.

9. If the borrower fails to repay the loan instalment in time, they must pay 1% additional interest as a penalty.

Subsidy Offered Under the Seed Money Scheme

Applicants from both general and reserved categories are also eligible for subsidies on seed money loans under the SMS scheme. Here's the breakdown of subsidies:

1. Applicants from the general group get a 90% loan, and the special group gets a 95% loan from public sector banks, regional rural banks, and IDBI banks. 

2. In urban areas, a 15% margin money subsidy for the general group and 25% for special groups is available through the Khadi and Village Industries Commission.

3. In rural areas, the margin money subsidy is 25% for general category applicants and 35% for special groups.

Note: Special groups include SC/ST/OBC/minority/woman/ex-servicemen/physically handicapped.

Benefits of the Seed Money Scheme

Here are some advantages of the SMS scheme for applicants:

1. Assistance for Multiple Operations: The seed capital scheme covers any business, service, or industry where the project cost doesn't exceed Rs. 25 lakhs.

2. Financial Assistance from Government: The government offers funds of up to 15% of the total project's cost for the applicants.

3. Support for Weaker Sections: For applicants from reserved categories like SC, ST, OBC, VJNT, SBC, and Physically Disabled, the government provides financial assistance of up to 20% of the project's cost. 

4. Loan from Nationalized Public Sector Banks: Applicants can also avail of business loans of up to 75% of the entire project's cost from a public sector bank. 

5. Lower Rate of Interest with Rebate: Under the SMS scheme, banks offer loans to entrepreneurs at 6% interest rate. Furthermore, if the borrower pays the instalments regularly and within the scheduled period, they get a 3% rebate on interest, reducing the interest on their loan to just 3%.

6. Holiday Period Before Loan Repayment: For entrepreneurs establishing industries, loan repayment begins three years after the loan's sanctioning. In other cases, repayment begins six months after the loan has been availed.

Eligibility Criteria of Seed Capital Scheme

An individual must fulfil the following requirements set by the DIC, Maharashtra, to be eligible for the SMS scheme:

1. The person must be unemployed.

2. They must be 18 to 50 years of age.

3. They must have qualified Standard VIII.

4. They must be a resident of Maharashtra for the last 15 years. 

Application Process for Seed Money Scheme

To apply for the Seed Money Scheme in Maharashtra, one must submit a duly filled application form and complete a survey conducted by an authorised government body. You can get the application form for the SMS scheme from any of the following government bodies:

1. Nationalised banks

2. Khadi and Village Industries Commission

3. Khadi and Village Industries Boards

4. District Industries Centres

5. Gram Panchayat

6. Nagar Palikas

7. A charitable trust active in the concerned area

Documents Required to Apply for the Seed Money Scheme

Make sure to provide the following documents when applying for the SMS scheme:

1. Caste Certificate

2. Educational Marksheets

3. Birth Certificate

4. Bank Passbook

5. Residential Certificate

Final Words

The Seed Money Scheme isn't only essential for generating employment within the country but is the perfect catalyst to promote entrepreneurship among the youth. However, the scheme is currently applicable only to people from Maharashtra.

If you aren't a resident of Maharashtra or plan to establish a business in any other state in the country, turn to Tata Capital. We offer MSME loans of up to Rs. 90 lakhs to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises at attractive interest rates and flexible repayment tenures. 

Download Tata Capital App and apply for a business loan today.

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