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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > New Business To Start In Diwali 2022

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New Business To Start In Diwali 2022

New Business To Start In Diwali 2022

Do you know that even in 2020, which was the first year of the pandemic, consumer spending on Diwali reached a whopping Rs 72,000 crore? Needless to say, this number will be much higher this year, as the festival of lights approaches us without the shadow of the coronavirus.

Along with it will come exceptional opportunities for several self-employed professionals, like home bakers, freelance chefs, and decorators, to start off new businesses or expand on existing ones.  

Here are seven excellent business ideas in Diwali that you must try in 2022:

1. Sell Special Diwali Food

If you’re a home baker, market your pastry collection as a replacement for the usual sweetmeat “mithai” that people purchase and gift others. You can also make exotic sweetmeats that are hard to come by.

For example, fuse your western and Indian cooking skills to make rose-gulkand ladoos or chocolate burfis. These will sell fast, given their uniqueness. This is not where it ends! This business idea in Diwali can be extended to personalized gift boxes to keep the sweetmeat.

Basically, even if you're not innovating on the snacking items, you can definitely make your delivery boxes more festive. Also, if you bake well, then invest some time and effort in preparing special savoury snacks, which, too, are consumed in copious amounts during Diwali. These can include healthy options like dhoklas, baked puffs, spiced fox nuts and more.

Lastly, don’t forget, you can also start selling dry fruits as they make for a healthy and popular snack for Diwali. In fact, it can also be a new business idea in Diwali, which you can run under a new brand name.

2. Classy Diwali Decorations

Make the festival of lights even more delightful by crafting classy chandeliers, papier-mâché lamps, metallic diyas, and various other decorative items and price them competitively. You can also create sustainable lights that continue soothing the décor of a house, even after the festival is over.

Typically, people use make-shift Chinese lights during Diwali, which all look the same. You can offer something atypical, which people look forward to decorating their homes with during Diwali or even otherwise.

Why this is an excellent business idea in Diwali is also because during this time, countless people have elaborate get together and house parties, for which they are always looking for charming lamps and lights.

3. Home Beauty and Hair Care Services

Another great business idea in Diwali is providing beauty and hair care services. Since Diwali is a time for people to indulge in self-care, they are always looking for professionals who can give them facials, hair spas and other beauty services.

If you are a skilled hair and beauty professional or are training to be one, Diwali is the right time to launch your services. Keep in mind that the usual beauty salons and home beauty service providing companies at this time have their hands full. This is when you can make a name for yourself.

To start and market this business ideal in Diwali, exploit all channels possible. Start with word-of-mouth, then move on to social media marketing, WhatsApp and email marketing. 

4. Sell Festive Clothing

When thinking of the best business ideas for Diwali, you simply can’t miss ethnic clothing as an option. People are often looking for reasonable and chic options to wear and attend parties and poojas. Whether you have a flair for designing apparel or sourcing it from the right vendors, you stand to earn high revenue with this business idea.

To increase your customer base, don’t just sell festive clothing for women. Expand your offering to men by pitching them classy kurtas and also kids. Why this is one of the best business ideas for Diwali is because you simply can't go wrong with a billion-plus market that is constantly scouting unique festive clothing.

5. Deep Cleaning Business

Earlier people used to whitewash and clean their homes before Diwali. Today, they are short on time and don’t get holidays which are long enough to take care of cleaning and redoing their homes. This is especially true of households where all members have jobs.

This is where a deep cleaning business becomes one of the best business ideas for Diwali. You can assemble a small team of professionals who can clean homes. You can also tie up with local painters and offer whitewashing as part of your deep cleaning Diwali package.

As long as you can find clients and streamline individuals who get their hands dirty while cleaning homes, you know you have one of the best business ideas for Diwali.  

6. Craft and Sell Items for Worship and Pooja Thalis

People are often occupied with Diwali prep, which is always difficult to handle with the prevalent stressful lifestyles at play today. There are many small things they require to complete their prep. One such thing is the items of worship, like idols, Pooja thalis, etc.

If you can provide them with these items, rest assured your business will skyrocket. And not just during Diwali, but any other Indian festival.

As a small business idea for Diwali, or any other festival, this works really well as it doesn’t require a high financial investment from your end.

7. Rangoli and Henna Service

Another small business idea for Diwali that you can start with minimal investment is that of Rangoli and henna design.

Sure, you need skilled hands to fulfil orders quickly, but if you've been doing both of these activities for many years, Diwali is the right time to turn this into a small business idea for Diwali.

Drawing a striking rangoli is a tradition in a lot of homes, but not everyone can do it. If you can, you must do it for them, albeit for a small fee.

Over to You

With so many Diwali special business ideas mentioned above, you simply need some seed capital and a marketing plan to get started.

For the former, turn to Tata Capital! We offer business loans at affordable interest rates, flexible tenures and speedy processing. You can apply online and expect a response on your application soon after. So, run the best businesses during Diwali with the help of business finance from Tata Capital. Visit our website today!

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