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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > How To Start A Jewellery Business In India?

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How To Start A Jewellery Business In India?

How To Start A Jewellery Business In India?

Do Indians love jewellery? According to a report, Indian households have held close to 25,000 tonnes of gold, mostly in the form of jewellery. So, one thing is for sure. Indians have been and will continue to purchase jewellery. So, can starting one's own jewellery business be a good idea? But how to start a jewellery business is something where people always get stuck. 

Moreover, numerous jewellery startup businesses have emerged these days. Most of them follow the path of an online jewellery business in India and pretty less of them move to the brick-and-mortar version. However, in both scenarios, the jewellery business holds quite a big potential in the Indian market. 

Before delving into questions like “how to start a gold jewellery business in India”, “what is the process of starting a jewellery business” or “what’s the success strategy of a jewellery startup”, here is a brief on the types of jewellery business in India

Jewellery Business Types

  • Brick-and-mortar business 
  • Online jewellery business
  • Gold import and trading
  • Jewellery making business 

So, among these jewellery businesses which ones can be more profitable? Well, that can depend on how one plans for the business and the overall strategy and execution of growth plans. These can be different for each of the jewellery business types. 

  • Brick-and-mortar jewellery store

Starting a retail jewellery outlet can be more expensive than an online jewellery store. However, Indians like to experience the things they are buying before making an actual purchase. Therefore, this type of jewellery business might be even more profitable than others. 

On the other hand, there can be accentuated costs associated with running a business in a brick-and-mortar model. So, how to start a jewellery business this way? The answer is that the entrepreneur would need a big push in terms of finances in the form of credit or funding. They can get this help through companies like Tata Capital which can provide easy business loans with smart and stress-free repayment options. 

  • Online jewellery business 

Starting an online jewellery business can be less capital-intensive than a brick-and-mortar model. These jewellery businesses can also reduce their overall making charges and overhead costs because the spending on aspects like rent, store-based management and sales staff, and other housekeeping and maintenance requirements are almost nil. But the most important part comes at the beginning. 

So, how to start an online jewellery business in India? One mistake entrepreneurs make is concentrating only on the product and less on the marketing aspect. However, having an adequate marketing budget at the initial stage of starting a jewellery business can help generate brand identity and strength more than ever. It can then, also become easy to rationalise the market acceptance of the product and serve the potential customers accordingly. 

Another aspect of looking at this can be, “how to start a jewellery business online”. Meaning, an entrepreneur can first test the market through the online route and then open a store. However, whether it is a physical or a digital store adequate financing can help the entrepreneur realise the dream. 

  • Gold import and trading 

Many answers on how to start a jewellery business in India. But there is another dimension to this as well. Instead of jewellery manufacturing or selling jewellery online or offline, one can also engage in the import of gold and gold trading. However, though less capital intensive, these businesses might require finances to support them through the following processes. 

Import of gold would require a ready sum of finances available with the company to pay for storage, logistics and cross-currency payment.

If engaged in gold trading, the trader might require adequate finances to place a margin while putting trades. 

With both aspects requiring finances, having lending support from Tata Capital can help you realise your dream faster. 

  • Jewellery making business 

How to start jewellery business in India? Or. How to start a jewelry business online? More importantly, does that involve making the jewellery, as well? Manufacturing jewellery involves processes like, purchase of gold, filtration, heating, moulding, testing, packaging and storing. It is important for each of these processes to go well for making saleable jewellery. However, for each of these processes, the entrepreneur needs funds. This can help the business purchase and maintain inventory for the processes. 

Therefore, the requirement of funds in the form of credit can help the jewellery business develop a sturdy foundation. 


So, the answer to this question, “how to start jewelry business” or “how to start a jewelry business online” can depend on the type of business the entrepreneur is aiming at. However, the more important part is financial readiness that can be built initially by availing credit facilities. 

Tata capital can be an entrepreneur’s perfect dream partner, with its pre-approved business loan facility, pocket friendly rates and easy repayment options. With its structured EMI plans entrepreneurs can focus on “how to start jewelry business” rather than “where can one draw funding from.”

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