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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > How Disabled Veterans Can Obtain a Small Business Loan

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How Disabled Veterans Can Obtain a Small Business Loan

How Disabled Veterans Can Obtain a Small Business Loan

It can be quite the transition to leave serving in the military and start your post-retirement journey afresh. Additionally, having a disability, whether acquired or aggravated, from your time of service adds to your challenge.

However, with your tenacity, discipline, and exceptional work ethics, you make an ideal candidate for running a business.

And as far as the capital is concerned, you can opt for an easy business loan for disabled veterans.

Who qualifies as a disabled veteran?

A disabled veteran is someone who has faithfully served on active duty in the armed forces. You have now been honourably discharged but may have suffered a service-related disability. The disability may be visible or not.

You could have acquired the disability at the time of active duty, or it may have aggravated during such a time, interfering with your daily activities.

What happens when disabled veterans leave the military?

When you finally leave the military, you can find reemployment with your previous employer or find a new job. Or you can start a venture aligning with your life goals for a fulfilling post-military career experience.

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Self-employment business ideas

Here are some business ideas worth considering –

#1 Farming and forestry

If you wish to stay away from the hubbub of cities, the agriculture, farming, and forestry industry is ideal for you. You can invest in a decent-sized land and make money off of its produce. Moreover, you get to enjoy the beauty of nature while earning adequately.

#2 Special event security

You can also set up a security firm that oversees special events such as concerts, award shows, global sports events, election rallies etc. Your task will be to provide personnel for the protection of attendees. Here, a loan for disabled veterans can help you gather the required workforce.

#3 Transportation and warehousing

Another great business idea for you is to run an independent trucking company. This industry involves the proper management of a whole fleet of complex operable parts. Hence, it is ideal for personnel like you with experience in managing multiple teams during your active duty in the military.

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So, how can you obtain a small business loan?

Having experiences in teamwork, leadership, and performance under pressure, veterans truly shine as business owners. Plus, to encourage bravehearts like you to live a financially independent life post-discharge, several lenders offer attractive small business loan interest rates.

In this new chapter of your life, Tata Capital is at your service if you need access to funds. With us, you can fund your venture with small business loan at a lucrative rate of 19%.

Besides, you can use our online EMI calculator. It is a handy tool that instantly lets you know the amount you will pay each month towards loan repayment.

We offer relaxed business loan eligibility criteria that make it easy for you to borrow. And for a comfortable repayment journey, we present flexible EMI plans.

So plan your monthly repayments and fund your venture with Tata Capital’s easy business finance options. Get in touch today.

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