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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Home Based Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs This Festive Season

Loan for Business

Home Based Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs This Festive Season

Home Based Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs This Festive Season

Every festive season brings new opportunities for women entrepreneurswho operate home businesses. In fact, with a growing number of Indian consumers going 'vocal for local,' preferring to buy homemade products from small businesses, consumer demands are higher than ever.

So, if you want to start a home business or expand your existing one, opportunities are rife. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Turn your art into income

Yes! If you have an artistic streak, you can make the perfect home-based venture out of it. You can sell your paintings and murals to art lovers looking for unique embellishments for their homes. 

If you are a digital artist, create posters, customised doodles, and quirky portraits. You can sell your digital prints not just as paintings but as calendars, mugs, diaries, notebooks, t-shirts, and other merchandise.

These products are popular among young Indians, and you’ll easily find your target customers online. If you are short on funds, take a business loan to take your operations online. 

Create and sell handicrafts

This field offers a sea of opportunities. You can make customisable handmade jewellery, keychains and trinkets, gift items, greeting cards, showpieces, planters, and photo frames. Handicrafts and gift items are high in demand during the festive season, so they are profitable home base ideas for women entrepreneurs.

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Start a home boutique

If you have knowledge of fashion and are in touch with the latest trends, a home boutique is the best plan for you. In India, home boutiques are the traditional side-hustle for homemakers. They also generate high revenue during the festive season. 

Boutiques require some initial capital, so assess your finances if you want to take a loan. Before finalising your loan amount, use a business loan EMI calculatorto estimate an affordable EMI value.

Create handmade accessories

Handmade jewellery, bags, and other accessories are a customer favourite for Diwali festivities. You can also sell unique, decorative masks to match ethnic wear, and people will surely prefer them to plain ones available in the market. 

Sell handmade candles

One thing that makes candle-making one of the best women entrepreneurs festive ideas is burgeoning consumer demand. Scented candles are a popular gifting option, while decorative candles are a Diwali-decor essential. 

Additionally, making candles is inexpensive, quick, and does not require much expertise. So, if you want to start a cost-effective home business, give this one a try. 

Make traditional sweets and snacks

Does your family love the traditional sweets you make every Diwali? Well, share the joy and set up a home-based sweet shop. Sweets and snacks are an indispensable part of every Indian festival, so good-quality, pure, and homemade ones will witness high demand. 

This option is low-budget and high profit. You can operate on a per-order basis or pre-package and sell your goods within your city via food aggregators. 

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To sum up

Running a home business can help light up your festive season. And when looking for funds to kickstart your creative venture, turn to Tata Capital. We provide collateral-free business financing at affordable business loan interest rates. Visit our website and apply online today! 

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