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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Here Are Some Business Ideas You Can Start with Low Capital

Loan for Business

Here Are Some Business Ideas You Can Start with Low Capital

Here Are Some Business Ideas You Can Start with Low Capital

Always dreamt of running a business? Well, establishing a business is all about making ideas happen. But most often, aspiring entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with finances, even before they have a chance to act.

However, contrary to what you might believe, many business ideas need minimal investment to get started. Moreover, nowadays, affordable business loan interest rates are available. Whether you want to have an alternative source of income or follow your passion, there is no lack of profitable business opportunities!

So here are some interesting low capital business ideasto get you started.

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Handcrafted products

Unlike a retail business where you acquire products from various sources, here you can handcraft your line of products and sell them online. From handmade chocolates, soaps, candles, sauces, or even pickles – you can launch a range of products.

Since the manufacturing and procurement are in your hands, you don’t need much investment to start. You can easily sell customised products on a pre-order basis till you grow.


Love to bake? Turn your passion into a profitable business. Baked goods are quite popular these days as no celebration is complete without them. From cakes, cookies, and pastries to bread, muffins, and even pizza, you can start baking from your kitchen itself. All you need is the baking equipment and the raw material.

The bakery business has immense growth potential and stands a good chance to be a hit in the market. However, if you face a shortage of funds, getting a business loan can help advance your venture.

Event planning

If you have experience planning events, are detail-oriented, and want to put your creative mind to good use, starting an event planning business might be your thing. You can pick a niche – like wedding ceremonies or host events of all sorts. The best part? You don’t need much investment to start; a solid contacts database will give you the push you need.

Pet-care services

If you are searching for business ideas with low income, starting a pet-care service is perhaps the best option for the animal lover in you. Most often, pet owners are on the lookout for professionals to offer the right care and treatment to their pets while they are away. And this is where you enter the picture.

Moreover, the initial investment need is also low, thus making it easy to operate.

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Fashion boutique

Did you know that India’s online fashion business reached up to $14 billion in 2020? Yes! The statistics show that India represents a fast-growing fashion hub. And so, if fashion excites you, opening your boutique is a highly lucrative business idea.

You can either sell your products online or start your boutique store; both involve minimum investment. From apparel and footwear to accessories and jewellery, build a brand around your area of interest.

The bottom line

Turn your dream business into a reality with easy financing options from Tata Capital! Check out our competitive interest rates;enjoy flexible repayment plans and quick loan disbursal.

Evaluate your business loan eligibility and apply with us today!

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