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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > Different Ways to Raise Funds for Small Businesses in 2023

Loan for Business

Different Ways to Raise Funds for Small Businesses in 2023

Different Ways to Raise Funds for Small Businesses in 2023

The business engine cannot run without fuel, which is capital. And capital generation is the most painstaking process in the entire journey from ideation to implementation. If you want your small-scale business to skyrocket, you must know how to raise funds for small businesses in addition to the market trends and technicalities.

Here are the top ways to raise funds for your small business.

Business finance from financial institutions

Yet another hassle-free method to finance your business is by taking out a business loan. You can choose your tenure and amount as per your needs and kick start your business in a reliable, trustworthy way.

Usually, business loan eligibility is quite straightforward. You can avail of such loans if you meet the eligibility parameters such as age limit, minimum monthly or annual income, minimum year-of-operation of the business, and so on.


Crowdfunding is an easy and convenient way to finance your startup or small business - seek out many small investors rather than one big investor. Through this, you can make sure your business ideas reach out to several investors, who can choose to contribute in a donation-based, equity-based or reward-based way. Crowdfunding also helps in marketing and putting your business out there.

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Angel investors

Angel investors are affluent individuals or businesspersons looking to invest in budding enterprises and give them a boost. Before reaching out to such investors, you must have a robust business plan ready. A group of angel investors may also form an angel network, which provides a greater opportunity for you to create awareness about your brand. Hyderabad Angels and Indian Angel Network are famous angel investors in India.

Venture capital

Venture capital is invested by small to big firms looking to invest in a new-age, high-growth startup. Venture capitalists may also purchase equity in the company they invest in and earn through it. Due to their industry experience, they can also provide mentoring and consultancy apart from liquidity. The significant point to remember is that venture capitalists usually wish to take up an authoritative role in the company, so consider this option by weighing all the pros and cons carefully.

Business incubators

Business incubators provide services like office space, management training and relevant networking options to the company. These are short-term programs that run for 4 to 8 months and provide valuable insight to the business owners.

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