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Loan for Business

Business Ideas in Bihar

Business Ideas in Bihar

The state of Bihar is brimming with untapped potential and a rich cultural heritage. Its entrepreneurial spirit is as fertile as the banks of the Ganga River. The vibrant state, situated in the eastern part of the country, is a goldmine for those looking to start a new venture or expand their entrepreneurial horizons.

Whether you’re drawn by Bihar’s illustrious history, its agricultural bounty or the burgeoning demand for modern services, there is a niche for you.

And here we discuss the wide array of business opportunities that Bihar offers, promising not just growth but a chance to make a meaningful impact while building a name for yourself. Here are the best business ideas in Bihar:


Tailoring is one of the best business ideas in Bihar because of its widespread demand. While many people purchase ready-made clothes from big stores, they often need to alter them slightly to gain a better fit. Further, there still exists a considerable percentage of the population that prefers customising their clothes.

And so, a talented tailor is bound to get good business. Further, this business idea doesn’t require a high initial investment. All you need is a sewing machine. Additionally, you can start this business right from your home to keep business expenditures low.

Beekeeping Business

Honey has become an increasingly popular substitute to sugar thanks to its health benefits. And so, the consumption of honey has also increased, making a beekeeping business a highly lucrative business idea in Bihar.

However, to give your business a shot at success, be sure to train or employ individuals who are well trained in beekeeping. Further, be sure to adhere to international guidelines for beekeeping and foster cruelty-free management of bees.

Pickle Supplier

Pickles are an important part of Indian cuisine. However, as people get busier, not many can set aside time to make pickles at home. Many individuals now prefer to buy pickles instead of making them at home.

After all, it is a tedious process and requires substantial time. If you’re well-versed in pickle making and have heard praise from friends and family, why not explore it as a business idea? Once it hits off in Bihar, you can explore expanding your business to other states and even other countries.

Transportation Business

Another new business idea in Bihar is a transportation business. Since the state is heavy on agriculture and aquaculture, businesses in that sector often require trucking services to help them transport their produce to their retailers.

For this business, you’ll need a fleet of trucks, the required infrastructure (freezers to transport fish), drivers, and transport permits. While the initial investment might be heavy, this business idea can prove highly profitable in the long run. 

Beauty Salon

As the standard of living increases and individuals begin investing more in how they look and dress, beauty salons become essential. If you possess the required qualifications and know your way around a hair straightener, this is a great small business idea in Bihar for you.

What’s more, you can start this right from your own home to keep expenses low. And as your business grows and word about your skills spreads, you’ll be inaugurating your own beauty parlour in no time.

Tuition Services

You can also launch a tuition business. These can be for school-going students, MBA aspirants or even CA test takers. The best part of this new business idea in Bihar is that it requires little initial investment.

Like a beauty salon, you can start offering classes at home and then once you’ve earned enough profits, explore renting or buying a commercial space to expand your services.


Litti Chokha is one of the most famous delicacies of Bihar. This dish is packed with nutrition and leaves people asking for more. If you have a family recipe or have a fresh take on this popular Bihari dish, you can consider opening an authentic Bihari restaurant.

What’s more, if you want to start slow, you can begin with a tiffin service and expand into a restaurant once you earn enough profits.

 Organic Fertiliser Business

The state of Bihar has an agrarian economy. This makes an organic fertiliser business one of the top new business ideas in Bihar. Premium quality fertiliser that doesn’t compromise the health of the crop is always in demand.

While you might have to invest substantial capital in marketing, once your business takes off, you can easily recover the amount and even increase profit margins.

Mineral Water Bottle Supplier

International tourists and sometimes Indian tourists as well prefer drinking bottled mineral water when travelling. And so, another small business idea in Bihar is becoming a mineral water bottle supplier.

While you need to ensure the bottled water is hygienically packaged and meets the required guidelines, marketing it is also as important if not more. So, if you decide on this business idea, be sure to set aside a budget for advertising.

Tourism and Hospitality

Bihar is home to several historically significant sites such as Bodh Gaya, Nalanda University, Rajgir, and Vaishali. Developing tourism infrastructure, including hotels, resorts, tour guides, and cultural experiences, can be a profitable venture. Additionally, promoting eco-tourism in Bihar's natural reserves and wildlife sanctuaries can attract nature enthusiasts.

Handicrafts and Handlooms

Bihar has a long tradition of exquisite handicrafts and handloom products such as Madhubani paintings, Sarees, Tikuli art, and pottery. Starting a business that promotes and sells these traditional crafts can be lucrative. You can either set up a retail store or an online platform to reach a wider audience.

Parting Thoughts

This concludes our list of business opportunities in Bihar. This Indian state is a hotbed for business ventures, making it among the best states to launch your business.

But once you decide on which business idea to choose, your next hurdle is working out the financials of your business. While you can self-finance, why not keep your savings safe for the future? Instead, explore business loans from Tata Capital.

With attractive interest rates, easy eligibility criteria, concise business loan documents required list, and quick approvals, Tata Capital helps you realise your dreams with ease!

So, don’t put off your dream business in Bihar any longer—visit the Tata Capital website or download the Tata Capital App now!

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