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Loan for Business

Business Ideas in Bangalore

Business Ideas in Bangalore

Bangalore, a city in southern Karnataka, is a shining beacon in the technological world. The city sees astounding levels of national and international investments. Economically speaking, the city is in the top five cities of India.

With a robust economy, solid infrastructure, and business-friendly policies, Bangalore inspires business innovation. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for business ideas in Bangalore, the city is your oyster. A delicious cherry on top is year-round pleasant, moderate weather. 

Read on to explore some of the exciting new business ideas in Bangalore.

1. Rent Housing

If you own a house in Bangalore and have some unused space, renting it out is a good business to start in Bangalore. Bangalore has many aspiring youths migrating to the city to start new jobs, searching for jobs, changing locations in the city, etc. Hence, the demand for rental housing is extremely high.

You can get paying guests instead of just renting the house or space. The initial investment required is not high, and the rent income is good and steady. To build a good reputation and increase your rent income, you can invest your rent income in house upgrades and maintenance. Make sure to advertise your listing on popular social media forums.

2. Food Cooking and Delivery

If your food experiments are always a hit, your judgements on food and taste are the talk of the town, or your new and old recipes steal attention away at parties, opening a food cooking and delivery business is a good business idea in Bangalore.

With a large working population in the city, delicious food is always in demand. You can start the business with minimal investment if you have your own place. Initially you can tie up with reliable delivery companies operating in the city.

After gaining some capital, you can employ your own fleet. Make sure to get a personalised app developed for your business.

3. Event Management

Bangalore is a bustling city that is happening every day of the week. Good event managers are never out of demand here. If you have good management skills, opening an event management company is a good business to start in Bangalore.

As an event manager, you will need some office space, a team of associates, and some contacts in the market. Initially, you can start with small events like store openings, book signings, etc. Once you establish your company, you can take on bigger events such as weddings and corporate functions.

4. Cleaning Service Company

Bangalore is home to a high number of focused and career-driven professionals with good disposable income. They prefer cleaning services for their homes and offices to save time. And so, opening a cleaning service company is one of the best businesses to start in Bangalore.

To start operating, you will need office space, cleaning supplies and an experienced team. You can cater to the demand for cleaning services in both households and offices. To expand the business, you can advertise on popular forums or create an app that provides on-demand cleaning services.

5. Digital Marketing Company

Bangalore has offices of numerous big, medium and small companies. In the age of social media, digital marketing is necessary for any company. Armed with just a laptop, you can open a digital marketing company that provides services to companies in Bangalore.

After acquiring sufficient clients, you can get an office space and hire a team. Make sure to keep yourself updated on various emerging digital marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

6. Freelance Firm

The next new business idea in Bangalore also leverages the high number of companies in the city. These companies often hire freelancers in app development, content creation, ad campaign shooting, etc. 

You can open an online freelance firm that collects all these freelancers under one umbrella, making it easy for companies to choose and hire them for a commission. Initially, you might have to enrol freelancers for free with your company to get the business running.  Once established, you can charge a fee for them to be associated with your company.

7. Daycare

Bangalore has many working parents with kids in the age group 2-5.  They find it difficult to provide adequate care for their kids during work hours in the fast-paced work environment. You can cater to this demand by opening a daycare centre in Bangalore in a suitable location.

Although a high initial investment is not required for this venture, you will have to obtain adequate permits from the authorities. Also, make sure to hire top-notch professionals trained in child care.

8. Organic Foods Store

The population of health-conscious people who prefer organic foods in Bangalore is rising. And so, one of the best businesses to start in Bangalore is a good organic food store in a prime location.

You will need to establish contacts with organic farms close to the city to buy organic food products. You can also create an app which allows customers to buy organic foods online and get them delivered to their homes or offices.

9. Online Tradesmen Services Company

Time is a precious commodity in Bangalore's fast-moving world. People want problems attended to and fixed right away instead of waiting. Imagine the frustration when a pipe bursts in your home and you cannot reach a plumber. And so, opening an online tradesmen services company is a good business to start in Bangalore.

First, you need to hire plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc., from the city. Next, you can launch a website or make an app that allows people to select the service they want, enter the time and location for the service and make payment. The required tradesman would then go to their location at the given time and complete the job.

10. Doorstop Mobile and Laptop Repair Centre

Opening a doorstop mobile and laptop repair centre in a city of IT professionals is a good business opportunity. If you're trained in mobile and laptop repair, you only need a set of tools, some home or office space and a personal vehicle to get started.

You can launch a website and an app allowing users to hire your services.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking to start a business but are concerned about funding? Keep your savings for the future and consider business loans.

Tata Capital provides versatile business loans with very competitive business loan interest rates. New businesses can relax and focus on growing with Tata Capital's flexible loan repayment plan. What’s more, you can use Tata Capital’s online business loan EMI calculator to design your repayment schedule as well.

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