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Business Ideas for Entrepreneurial Women

Business Ideas for Entrepreneurial Women

Women in today’s time, no matter what stage of life she is in, has multiple opportunities to leverage her skills and knowledge.

So how does one become an entrepreneur? To start with, the most important thing is to figure out your passion. That just makes it easier to make a mark. If you are not sure about your passion, then focus on what you are really good at doing. Unlike other parts of the world, women in India have lagged behind in terms of becoming entrepreneurs. This could be because of lack of confidence or social and cultural factors amongst others. However, more and more women are now coming out in the forefront.

Below are some business options for women to consider:

Fashion Designing: Your in-born talent could be a business opportunity. You could give wings to your creativity and open a boutique. To start with, this can be a low investment opportunity and you can scale up as business grows. You could also look at setting up a brand shop. That is buying pieces from different smaller brands to create your own unique range. There is so much scope here!

Make-up Artist and Stylist: With soaring demand for people to always look good, becoming a make-up artist or a stylist comes in handy. All you would need is to do a certified training online or in-person. You could set up a small studio and leverage social media to market yourself.

Restaurant/Baker/Tiffin Service: If you are passionate about cooking or baking, then this is just the right choice for you. Online ordering has given wings to ‘dark kitchens’. You can now set up low cost operations and leverage mobile food ordering apps such as Swiggy and Zomato to reach out to consumers. If you have some space available then you can open a restaurant, bakery or start a tiffin service, etc.

IT Consultancy: Calling out to all IT enthusiasts - if you have a knack for IT or love coding or have corporate experience, you could turn it into a business providing consultancy to clients not just in India but across the world.

Freelance Writer: If your creative horses run fast and you are passionate about writing, you could provide freelance content. One can choose to either work from home or set up an office hiring other writers as well. A small business loan is ideal in such cases. You could also become an online blogger focusing on a specific interest and drive traffic.

Dietician: With the current societal trend to eat healthy and stay fit, a dietician job is becoming a necessity. One can train in this space, provide offline/online consultancy, and make good money. Also, there are mobile apps that hire dieticians to recommend and track plans for subscribers.

Graphic Designing: This is one of the best ideas - if you are creative, skilled in graphic software, and know how to make those impressive images. Create your portfolio and website to make an impact.

Online/Offline Teaching or Personality Development: This is an ideal choice to explore for women who are academically sound or have strong personalities that can shape other individuals.

Among the obstacles that an entrepreneur faces, one of the most crucial is arranging money. One option is to tap into financial services providers such as Tata Capital that provide easy to repay business loans for women. You can check for business loan eligibility by visiting Tata Capital’s website.

However, this does not end here. There are many other fields where women can fit perfectly. Discover your passion, frame your plan, get finances, and start the entrepreneurial journey. You have wings, let them fly!