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Best Businesses to Start in India Post Pandemic

Best Businesses to Start in India Post Pandemic

While COVID-19 has set many economic sectors into disarray, some sectors have witnessed an uptick in demand – in both new and old markets across industries. If you always wanted to start a business of your own, now is the perfect time to ideate and plan for it.

Check out the best businesses to start in India post-COVID-19.

Join the e-commerce wave

Even as coronavirus fears subside, social distancing norms are likely to continue. People will switch to e-commerce full-time and avoid physical stores as much as possible. Given the circumstance, if you have a killer product to sell online, you should start a business in e-commerce.

From essentials to medicines and candles, you can sell any commodity online. Besides, you can easily avail a business loan online to finance your start-up and earn handsomely.

Become a freelance writer

If you are a proficient writer with expertise in diverse content, become a freelance writer. Now more than ever, businesses want effective writing solutions and pay lucratively to avail the services. Take offers you enjoy to work on. You can write web copies, articles, blog posts, case studies, whitepapers, and more with flexible work hours.

Best of all, you can work from the comfort of your home. You need not limit yourself to domestic boundaries and can build a clientele around the world.

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Start a delivery business

Just like the e-commerce sector, delivery services have also seen a sharp boost in demand as many businesses went online. Most people will now prefer online stores for essentials and non-essentials over physical retail stores.

You can start a delivery service for a variety of commodities, and deliver either food, pharmaceuticals, groceries, and more. You can even tie-up with various vendors or become the middle man for e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. As for the initial investment, you can procure funds with an instant business loan.

Become a YouTuber

Social media is more than mere reels and memes. For most creative minds, especially since the coronavirus induced lockdown, social media has become a medium to express as well as earn. With more people now on the World Wide Web, a YouTube channel can satisfy both your creative streak and finances.

You only need a quality camera to start, even a phone camera will suffice. Once your channel grows, you can also earn from paid ads, sponsored content, brand merchandise, etc. other than the views.

To sum up

Given the circumstances, a new business amidst the economic slowdown may seem absurd. However, you can bank upon these newfound business opportunities and turn a considerable profit, especially since finance aid has become easier to obtain.

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