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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > 5 Ways to Grow & Expand Your Restaurant Business

Loan for Business

5 Ways to Grow & Expand Your Restaurant Business

5 Ways to Grow & Expand Your Restaurant Business

Want to see your restaurant sales booming? All your employees on cloud nine? Perhaps you're hoping for some good word-of-mouth buzz about your place? No matter what your expansion goals are, taking your restaurant business to new heights only requires a strategic plan.

If you're going by the traditional route, you're probably thinking of a new location or a franchise deal for your business. But these aren’t the only paths to the expansion you can take.

Here are five tips on how to grow restaurant business to help you out.

1. Go digital

Taking your business online is a sure-shot way to pull in new customers. Start by creating a social media page for your café or restaurant on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Once done, the next step is marketing because there’s nothing that attracts customers like a well-executed social media marketing campaign. Posting pictures of your best dishes, events hosted at your restaurant, and other exclusive promotions will surely turn more heads in your direction.

2. Offer food delivery services

Most people today prefer ordering food rather than stepping out. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be bad for your restaurant business. On the brighter side, you can take advantage of it by jumping on the bandwagon and taking food orders online. Soon, you'll be able to increase your sales as orders start pouring in, even discover a new customer niche to cater to.

It makes even more sense if you are short of staff or have a limited seating capacity. Partner with a preferred delivery service and start catering to a broader customer base.

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3. Reward your customers’ loyalty

Start a customer loyalty programme to give your customers additional incentives whenever they visit your restaurant. Not only will this ensure consistent business, but it would also amp up the word-of-mouth marketing for your restaurant. A simple discount, free drink, or a buy-one-get-one offer can go a long way for your restaurant.

4. Branch out

And of course, the best way to expand your business is to open a new branch. Begin by identifying places that attract a large footfall. Tourist places, colleges, beaches, and local hotspots are good places to start. You could also start a food truck if you don’t want to limit yourself to a single locality or customer base. Once decided, you can apply for a business loanto finance your new venture! 

5. Host events

An event can be a great way to bring in regular and new customers. It can be something simple as an early bird offering or discount on drinks. You could also host a DJ night, live music, even cricket or football screenings. The possibilities are endless.

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Wrapping up

As the saying goes – in business, you need to spend money to make more money. Whether you’re branching out or expanding your offerings, you need sufficient working capital to grow.

If you’re looking for a loan to expand operations, look no further than Tata Capital. We offer affordable business loan interest rates and flexible repayment terms, along with a speedy application and disbursal process.

Get started by checking your business loan eligibility here.

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