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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Business > 12 Unusual and Rare Business Ideas to Explore in India

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12 Unusual and Rare Business Ideas to Explore in India

12 Unusual and Rare Business Ideas to Explore in India


An entrepreneurial mindset is essential for starting a business and attaining financial independence. India is one of the fastest-growing economies and is home to many entrepreneurs. Starting a business in India comes with immense scope for growth. With unique business ideas and utmost dedication, entrepreneurs can set up their businesses in India.  

Here are 12 unique business ideas in India that aspiring entrepreneurs can use. This list of unique business ideas in Indiais just a start. Entrepreneurs can add their own ideas and build their own unique businesses seamlessly.

Top 12 Unique and Unusual Business Ideas in India

Idea 1 - Refurbishing

Converting old discarded products and giving them a new life can be pretty rewarding! Refurbishing furniture that isn’t too damaged or worn out can help entrepreneurs give old items bought at low rates a new, redefined look. This enhanced furniture with a makeover can now be sold as an artisanal, one-of-a-kind item. Entrepreneurs can set up an online shop for refurbished items making this a unique online business idea. Creative entrepreneurs can also refurbish old, clean clothes to create new pieces of clothing.

Idea 2 - Customisations

Customised items make for beautiful gifts! Entrepreneurs can get their hands on printers that make customised stickers easily. They can then offer to customise items like books, bottles, mugs, etc., which would make the perfect gift for loved ones. Entrepreneurs can also offer bulk purchases for weddings, office celebrations, and more to create a stable income. Customisations can also be hand-written or with the help of other equipment like an airbrush or machines for embossing leather. These options will make the products unique, just like the unique business idea.

Idea 3 - Create Courses

One of the best and most unique online business ideas is for entrepreneurs to share their expertise through online platforms and build a personal brand. With the rise of the creator economy, this is a unique service business idea in India that anyone can start. Entrepreneurs will need a clear idea of the value addition their course will give and a proper structure through which they can teach. From how to speak a language to how to make crochet, anyone can create courses online. However, to stand out, entrepreneurs must try to add something unique to their course and focus on marketing. 

Idea 4 - Cloud kitchen with one unique dish

Entrepreneurs with excellent culinary skills can start their own cloud kitchen. If organising a unique menu is very difficult, they can always stick to 2 or 3 unique dishes that can become bestsellers. With time and practice, these dishes should also become very easy to make in bulk. This dish can be attached to other tiffin services or cafes or even sold independently. Items as simple as special vanilla shakes, unique flavours of natural ice cream, healthy salads, etc., can be covered as part of a cloud kitchen. Registering with FSSAI is essential before starting any business related to food items.

Idea 5 - Edible items with a long shelf life

While we are on the topic of eatables, one of the 12 unique business ideas in India is to create food items with a higher shelf life. This includes items like pickles and masalas that can be added to a dish directly while cooking. Since they have a longer shelf life, they can be made and stored before delivering them pan-India. Packaging and delivery become crucial elements if entrepreneurs opt for this business. Entrepreneurs also need to get the necessary certifications from the government since they are dealing with edible items.

Idea 6 - Become a Host on Airbnb

For aspiring entrepreneurs with access to a beautiful property and a knack for being cordial with guests, becoming an Airbnb host is a fantastic option on this list of unique business ideas in India. As Airbnb hosts, entrepreneurs can either let out their properties completely or invite guests to stay with them in their extra room. Many tourists look for affordable places to stay and get a more holistic experience which is true to the nature of the place. They love exploring the city they travel in and prefer staying with natives. As hosts, entrepreneurs must ensure a comfortable stay with all the necessary utilities to get a higher rating.

Idea 7 - Give a unique experience

Apart from becoming a host on Airbnb, entrepreneurs can also offer other unique experiences in the city that don’t necessarily involve staying over. This could be conducting classes like teaching a simple painting in one day, hosting a unique cooking or gardening experience, showing tourists some unique, hidden gems in the city and much more. Entrepreneurs can also market their unique experiences to residents and market. For example, host a painting workshop in a park every week that is open to all.

Idea 8 - Create hampers

Entrepreneurs can collect different types of items and create unique hampers for different purposes. Whether it is for a birthday gift or a Diwali celebration, entrepreneurs can purchase items in bulk at wholesale rates and focus on good packaging. These hampers will make gifting a hassle-free process during special occasions. Good packaging could include balloon hampers or floral packaging as well. Safe delivery will also play a crucial role. Adding unique items to the hamper that are not commonly found can give this unique business idea a good twist.

Idea 9 - Start a per-care service

Aspiring entrepreneurs who love pets can combine their passion and profession to create stores dedicated to pampering pets. From grooming to providing all the pet essentials, pet stores are becoming increasingly popular as pet owners love to shower their pets with love.

Idea 10 - Laundry business

Most working professionals barely get the time to complete their chores. Those staying on rent often don’t prefer investing in washing machines either. Having a professional laundry business targeted toward these working professionals could help them save a lot of time and effort so that they always get crisp, clean and ironed clothes for work. 

Idea 11 - Wedding Trousseau organiser

Weddings are a massive affair in India, which is why this business has made it to the list of 12 unique business ideas in India. A Wedding Trousseau is a collection of new clothes and accessories for a newlywed bride. Collecting the best pieces to form the wedding trousseau is a meticulous process involving understanding the bride’s style and curating a trousseau just for her. However, those with a knack for fashion and those who can source items from different parts of the country would love this business.

Idea 12 - Drive-in cash wash

For people on the go, a drive-in car wash would be an incredibly hassle-free and unique experience to get their four-wheeler cleaned. A drive-in car wash requires heavy machinery to wash the car without much manual intervention and can be set up in places where people usually bring their cars, like tech parks or malls.


Starting a business is a dream come true for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is essential for aspiring entrepreneurs first to understand the viability of their business idea and then systematically start their business. Entrepreneurs can build on these 12 unique business ideas and start their businesses!

Entrepreneurs who may require funding for setting up their own business can now enjoy hassle-free business loans from Tata Capital and give wings to their unique ideas!

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