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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > HP 14Q-cs0023TU with 7Th Gen-HD Graphics 620 launched

Capital Goods Loan

HP 14Q-cs0023TU with 7Th Gen-HD Graphics 620 launched

HP 14Q-cs0023TU with 7Th Gen-HD Graphics 620 launched

In the last few years, HP has succeeded in gaining its reputation back with some of the best laptops in the middle range segment. HP laptops have surely improved and have successfully garnered enough attention among those who want a laptop but are low on budget. The said company is now coming up with stunning laptops to cater to everyone's needs. One such example is the HP 14Q-cs0023TU that can definitely be included in the list of the best middle-range laptops of 2019. Here’s all you need to know about it:


HP 14Q-cs0023TU is well built and also claims to have a strong core. It is powered by the Intel® Core™ i3-7020U microprocessor with 2.3 GHz base frequency, 3 MB cache, and 2 cores. It also comes with an 8GB RAM to ensure you work smoothly. With some great hardware, this laptop performs really well and runs without any lag.


HP 14Q-cs0023TU comes with an in-built Windows 10 operating system. Moreover, the pre-installed Mcafee live ensures your data safety by protecting your laptop from any cyberattack. For work purposes, you can also avail the MS Office 365 which is available for a month on a trial basis.


It’s rare that people choose a laptop for its sound quality. Nonetheless, this HP laptop doesn’t disappoint on that front. Equipped with a dual stereo speaker that has got an excellent sound quality, HP is now going to make your movie nights or even video calling a lot better.


HP 14Q-cs0023TU has got a 14-inch display screen with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768. The display is good enough for your typing or viewing needs. It even offers brightness auto-adjustment according to the surrounding light conditions. The diagonal HD screen allows better picture quality and is ideal for watching a movie or to simply work.


Laptops are laptops for a reason. You certainly wouldn’t want your device to be plugged in all the time. The battery life of HP 14Q-cs0023TU is considerably better than many other laptops in the same range as it lasts for more than 3-4 hours. Besides, it also takes very little time to fully recharge. You can even use it for days if the usage is in moderation. HP 14Q-cs0023TU has got 3-cell with 41 WH Li-Ion that can last longer and help you work uninterruptedly.


If you are looking for a convenient system that you can carry on your lap, you surely would be expecting it to come with a hefty price tag. However, HP 14Q-cs0023TU costs only Rs 27,790 in India.

Looking to change your laptop? A combination of affordability and efficiency makes HP 14Q-cs0023TU an ideal choice. Didn’t budget for a laptop? No worries! Tata Capital is here to address all your consumer durable needs. You can borrow up to Rs 5, 00,000 and repay the amount in easy and flexible instalments as per your convenience.