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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Google TV vs Android TV: What’s The Difference? let’s have A Quick Comparison

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Google TV vs Android TV: What’s The Difference? let’s have A Quick Comparison

Google TV vs Android TV: What’s The Difference? let’s have A Quick Comparison

Ask any individual who has bought a smart TV in the recent past, and they will tell you the struggle of dealing with the dilemma, ‘Which is better, Google TV or Android TV?’.

Google launched its second smart TV platform, Google TV, in September 2020, and since then, the new platform has been in an intense battle with its long-standing ancestor, the Android TV.  Some believe that Google TV is just a revamped version of Android TV. However, there are some critical differences in specifications that establish the fact that Google TV is more than just a new name.

The key difference between Google TV and Android TV lies in their home screen interface and content recommendations. Google TV prioritizes user experience by presenting tailored content and personalized recommendations based on viewing habits, while Android TV primarily displays a list of apps and channels.

So, let’s delve into the comparison of Android TV vs Google TV to find the key differences between the two platforms. Although both are products of the same brand, the difference in features can significantly impact your purchasing decision.

Initially launched in June 2014, the Android TV emerged as a game-changer in the concept of high-tech home entertainment. Its simple layout allows quick content discovery, access to different apps, and video streaming features on a TV.

But, In the battle between Android vs Google TV, Google TV stands out with an updated operating software. Google’s machine learning, Google Knowledge Graph, and Google Assistant come together to power this TV and make it more intuitive.

The table below highlights some broad differences between the two models.

Google TV vs Android TV, which is better?

FeaturesAndroid TVGoogle TV
User InterfaceUsers need to access the ‘discover’ tab to get personalised content.Strong focus on personalised content, which is available on the home screen.
Remote Control AccessOn-screen keyboard is accessible through a TV remote only.Easy navigation with a smartphone as the remote.
Live TVUsers cannot access live content from the home screen.Dedicated ta for live broadcasts on the home screen.
Profiles and Parental ControlsUsers must log in from different Google accounts to access the TV separately. No child profile features.Multiple user profiles with parental controls are available in the settings.
PriceAvailable in all price ranges.Available only in select Sony and TCL models of the higher price range.

What is Google TV?

Google TV is a smart TV platform developed by Google that serves as an interface for streaming content. It integrates various streaming services, live TV, and apps like YouTube into a unified user interface, providing personalized recommendations and a streamlined viewing experience. Google TV is available on smart TVs, streaming sticks, and set-top boxes.

With features like voice commands via Google Assistant, cast screen, and access to built-in apps, Google TV offers a comprehensive viewing experience. The interface is based on Android TV, making it easier for users to access and find the content they're looking for.

What is Android TV?

Android TV is based on the Android OS, which brings the smartphone experience to your television. An Android TV offers access to the Google Play Store for app download to seamlessly enjoy your favourite shows and movies. Most Android TVs are also designed to integrate seamlessly with Google services and support voice commands through Google Assistant, enabling features like voice search, smart home control, and content recommendations. However, unlike Google TV, Android TV is an open platform which allows various device manufacturers to run their devices on it.

Google TV vs Android TV – Which is better?

The primary point where both platforms diverge in the fight of Android vs Google TV is the display of content on the home page. Google TV has completely redefined the experience. It has emphasised functionality levels, tailored content, and personalised recommendations far beyond existing television sets.

Now, we delve into the detailed description of these new features and try to find an answer to the famous question: Google TV vs Android TV, which is better?

User Interface: Android TV vs Google TV

Android TV

The user interface has rows of apps and streaming platforms available on the Android TV platform placed in sequence.  It also has a ‘Discover’ tab for personalised content recommendations.

Google TV

The new OS has several new features for an enhanced user experience, such as

  • The ‘YOU’ Tab: You can see this tab as soon as you turn on the TV, making it easier for you to get to the content tailored according to your watch history and preference. 
  • Home Screen Recommendations: The home screen highlights show and movie recommendations. Google TV recommends what to watch based on your preferences, extracted from the streaming services you use and combined with the predictive power of Google.
  • Watchlist:  You can add TV shows and movies they want to watch later. You can also access this content on your smartphone or computer and use it to modify your Watchlist as well.

Remote Control Access: Android TV vs Google TV

Android TV

You can only access the on-screen keyboard on these TV sets by using a physical TV remote. So, writing long or complicated show names can be a hassle as you have to select each letter using the remote’s buttons.

Google TV

 You can make your Android smartphone the remote control for your Google TV to access the vast network of devices and connected apps. 

Live TV: Android TV vs Google TV

Android TV

For live content, you can use live streaming options like YouTube, Sony TV, Hotstar etc.

Google TV

It has a dedicated Live TV tab where you access an extensive channel guide displaying content available on different live sources.  

Additionally, the best cable TV replacement services – YouTube TV and Sling TV – offer dozens of live channels on the Google vs Android TV platform.

Parental Control and Kid Profiles: Android vs Google TV

Android TV

If you have multiple users and do not wish to mix up your content preferences, you must log in to the platform with individual Google accounts. Also, if you want to restrict content for your kids, you must create a separate account to enable parental control.

Google TV

The platform has user-friendly features such as:

  • Kids Profiles: It equips these profiles with an age-appropriate, kid-friendly menu, filtered movies, apps, and shows, easily adjustable per parents’ requirements.
  • Parental Controls: These settings help parents control the content and restrict the viewing time.

You can also easily change these settings through your smartphone without hassling with remote controls. This feature makes it pretty easy to choose which is better, Google TV or Android TV.


A simple solution to the fight between Android vs Google TV is to stick to your requirements. If you wish to buy a basic smart TV to play movies from OTT platforms and access some Google Store Apps, you can buy an Android TV.  But, if you have multiple users in your house who can benefit from the various features that Google TV offers, upgrading your existing TV set is advisable.

If you do not want to make a dent in your savings while choosing between Google vs Android TV, Tata Capital is here to help. We offer small personal loans with affordable interest rates and flexible tenures. 


1. Can existing Android TV devices be upgraded to Google TV?

Existing Android TVs cannot be upgraded to Google TVs as the manufacturer offers and supports the OS. However, it might be possible to upgrade if the set-top box supports the Google TV interface.

2. What are the unique features of Google TV not found in Android TV?

Google TV offers unique features like a more intuitive and content-focused user interface, enhanced personalized recommendations, a unified watchlist, and deeper integration with Google Assistant. It also provides better content aggregation across streaming services, making it easier to find and manage what you want to watch.

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